Adds, adds, adds, and guess what? More frikkin' adds...

Okay, now I realize that GAG costs money to run and maintain, and because GAG does not have a monthly/yearly/once-off fee membership in order to use the website,; the website must raise its revenue from other areas. One such of these area is the dreaded pop-up advertisement.

Now normally I have no problem with pop-ups, okay you get one or two when you are using a free website, no biggie, its a small price to pay for the continued usage of the website. However, just like everything, it is acceptable to and extent; and ladies n' gentlemen, I believe that "extent" has been well and truly crossed on GAG. I literally cannot post a question, answer a question, hell, click on anything without releasing an onslaught of the dreaded pop-up advertisements (most of which are for adult chat sites but lets not get into that).

As I have said, I am aware that GAG have to raise their funds from somewhere but this takes the medal for the most pop-ups I have ever gotten from a site -even p*rn websites-. I am also aware that GAG are experimenting with different advertisement media - I'm sure you all remember those damned rollover adds that if you were careless with your mouse , obscured your entire screen- and so I'm left wondering a few things;

1) is this a permanent change?

2) if not, roughly how long will it be until a new medium is tested

3) am I the only one receiving such an obscene amount of adverts?

4) and more importantly, will the next change be worse? (god forbid)

  • I get them too, I find them really annoying.
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  • I get them too, but I don't mind them.
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  • I get them too, but I like them.
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  • What pop-up adds?
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  • Thanks so much for your feedback regarding We appreciate your input, and I have forwarded your suggestion to our Directors, and it will be considered as we make changes to the site. We constantly strive to improve to make it useful, valuable, and enjoyable to our users.

    Thanks again.

    LondonPrincess Team


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  • i know. I tried ad blocker but it's not working. the popups are still showing up :(


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  • I don't get any of the pop-ups because my browser (Opera) blocks them. As for the ones embedded on the pages, if you're using Firefox, there is an add-on which will enable you to block them as well.

    • Im using internet explorer and it blocks some of them, but around 3 still get through at a time.

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    • You like IE? Why? I like Opera for it's stability, speed, and gesture system. Firefox because of it's customization. IE.. ?

      Also, I notice that the girls picked A while the guys picked D. Implications for tech affinity? hahahaha!

    • Loving the casual sexism, maybe it is the lack of technical knowledge.

      Regardless, I use IE because -and call me crazy- I like it.

  • Didn't read any of what you said.

    Use firefox and the add-on No Script. You can also use software called peer-block that will block advert IPs. Well, there's so many things you can do. Making this question probably won't accomplish anything/