Any inspiring badge ideas for GAG?

The concept of badges for this site seems like a great incentive to reach specific goals! I noticed the number of them are limited but still a good number to begin with! Share your ideas here with your creative thoughts! Here's a few I thought of:

Grand Master: Recieve after getting -insert number of Xper points here-.

Social Bird: Recieve after engaging on GAG for 30 consecutive days.

Inspirational Helper: Get 5 MHOs selected by different people within a week.

Any inspiring badge ideas for GAG?


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  • I love your ideas. I have a few badges already and I am so honored. I hope to get to your level someday.


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  • These were my original ideas before the badges were introduced :-

    Trailblazer Badge - Having 350+ followers
    Balloter Badge - Voting on 75000+ opinions
    Mentor Badge - Having 25+ MHO percentage
    Interrogator Badge - Asking 1000+ questions
    Counsellor Badge - Sharing 30000+ opinions
    Wordsmith Badge - Sharing 125+ promoted takes
    Veteran Badge - spending 5+ years on GAG
    Punctilious Badge - Loging in 300+ days a year
    It'll motivate GAGers to participate in all fields and of course, it can help the site to lure more traffic.

    Via: My suggestions to GAG (Part II) ↗

    I wished that the badges were hard to earn, but gag made it pretty easy, probably to amuse more users.


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  • I secretly want the Hemingway badge lol. I've had 3 great Mytakes in the month of June so far, so maybe I could get it

    • Maybe there could be a badge for "loyal gagger" or something- user logged in for 30 consecutive days

  • pervert, indian, super hot

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    • indian or pervert would work

    • I figured that out.
      So you're just another person who has literally zero interest in the cultures of different countries. And who would actually prefer to judge a whole country based on the behaviour of a few perverts residing there.
      Congratulations, you've reached nirvana.

  • Interesting thought @Kyren

  • Free speech award

  • Best


What Guys Said 5

  • Shit-Storm Conjurer - for masters of controversy
    Master of Trolls - self-explanatory
    Race Man - for waging the culture wars
    Needs a Life - for those who go above and beyond the call of posting
    Hate-Arrayed - for those who spread the hate to all corners of GAG

  • 1st: Greatest Basher / Anti-Social
    Awarded monthly to those who block the most members that month.

    I noticed more members who can't articulate a viable argument are quick to insult then block the member from responding. Then to top off the stupidity, they follow you and comment behind you.

    2nd: Thought Provoking Reply
    Awarded as 25XP and the most nominated per question by Asker and other members likes. Add like icon to reply but no points

    I have seen many replys to responses that can not be like but end up as questions after reply.

    3rd: Biggest Brat
    Awarded to the lamest / repeater question

    Just like the brat that keeps asking "Are we there, yet?" From the back seat of the car when the answer is clearly in front of them! Dick size and does he like me questions for sure!

  • Nope. I gave up. I submitted so many mytakes, yet still no editor. Oh well.

  • Wasted day award for having been on all day and not done a damn thing

    I'd win that award everyday

  • Too much time on my hands
    I'm a loser
    Put me out of my misery


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