Why Posting a question in another language than English isn't legit on GAG?

IF I want the opinions of peoples from a specific country, i'd normally use their language to avoid that non-concerned peoples come answer too.

But here it's damed freakin not possible:

If I ask "Girls from Kyrghizistan/Guys from Bosnia, what do you think about x/y " in US English, I'll have answers from US people too...

Why it's forbidden, and any tips to ask to specific peoples on GAG?


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  • Well, no one's stopping you from asking it. You can still ask a question targetting a specific group. Just say : only interested in opinions from xyz people. You cannot stop others from chiming in, but still you can ignore their opinions.

    As for why they don't allow posts other then in English, I'm assuming it's for moderation purposes. It will be tough to moderate if they don't know what is going on. Hence, they don't allow questions & opinions in language other than English.
    Opinion replies however, can be in any language.

    To be noted, I'm not completely sure if moderation is the reason why it isn't allowed. I'm just guessing.

    At lastly, there is a Turkish & Spanish version of GAG. If you're interested, check that out. :)


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  • They probably want questions to involve as many people in as many countries as possible. Is there another app, or website that would allow what you are asking?


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  • It's forbidden to ask questions in other languages than English, because all content in the site needs to be understandable for everyone, because it's a public forum + it's impossible to moderate the content, if we dont understand it.


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  • It's against rules... It's a English website ya dingus.

    • So the true app name would be "Western girs ask to Western guys"

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    • I report coz generaly people don't like being called as "bitch"

    • Then don't assume I'm "murikan" asshole.

  • Yeh i did one in Russian and got deleted

  • Because it's an English speaking app.


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