Guys have you ever seen a gag user from non anonymous to anonymous?

I asked a question and one gag user gave opinion on it. About 5 minutes ago he became anonymous. How did he do that? Anyone? I reported him as spamming and gag removed his opinion. I forgot his username. I am just wondering how did he do that? This is real.

Gag users? Hackers? Influencers? Gurus? Masters?


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  • You can do it on the app but if on the website you can later change your identification to anon if you so choose.


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  • How was that spamming and we on earth would gag delete that?

    • He really didn't answer my question and instead mocked me.

      He said you have retarded followers.

    • Isn't that spamming?

    • Not spamming but insulting

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