Why WOULD you follow me?

Okay, so basically everyone's doing the 'why DO you follow me?' and some have done the 'why DON'T you follow me?'

I haven't seen anyone who's done this one, but they probably have.

Anyway, why WOULD you follow me if you considered it? This isn't deadly serious lol, it's all in the fun xD


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  • I wouldn't, since we had a discussion once and you were being quite rude and uneducated...

    • Sorry, I don't remember what was the discussion about?

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    • Well, true. What I meant was I feel like police instantly judge someone black to be a criminal because of their colour.

      More white people may have been shot, but the white population in the USA is larger than the black population according to statistics so, statistically, there will be more white people getting shot.

    • To add to that, according to statistics in June of 2018, 211 white people were shot by police and
      102 black people were shot by police.

      According to other statistics I've seen there are 156 million white people within the USA.
      There are 42 million black people within the USA, as of 2018.

      So why is the percentage of shootings by police within the black community, higher than the percentage of shootings by police within the white community, if the white population is larger?

      Percentage of the white community being shot by police: 0.00014%
      Percentage of the black community being shot by police: 0.00024%

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