How long do you think I'll take me to reach Master status?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Mmmm... I don't know how much Xpers you have and how much opinions do you give everyday. So, I'll just take a guess. It will take you around 4 months. :)

    • I'm only 260 Xper points away from reaching Master status, so i'll probably take a little longer than 4 months.

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    • Well, I interact with people a lot and usually post many opinions in a day that's how I get 100 or 150 Xpers. MHO does help, but I don't get MHO a lot. It's been 2 weeks since I last appeared in top members. But I still get 100 xpers everyday just by giving as much opinions I can. You should do that, too :)

    • Guess it's time to get busy increasing my opinion output or I'll be a Guru forever.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Without known your points score and your activity - Anyone who has been around long enough and knows system could tell you within a day or two of when you would reach Master


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