Should Anonymous Questions and posts be banned?

It seems like many people who ask anonymous questions ask the most idiotic, slanted nonsense, while those who post anonymously seem to troll constantly.
Yes, Anonymous Questions and Answers should be banned
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Yes, but only Anonymous Questions should be banned.
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Yes, but only Anonymous Answers should be banned.
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No, I like it the way it is now because it allows me to troll both ways.
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Other/Just show the results
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1 y
Okay, after reading some of these excellent replies I am think that perhaps a better solution would be for the admins to allow us to block accounts even when they post anonymously. It could be done transparently without taking us to the profile. My main complaint is about anonymous stalking trolls who use the loophole to be jerks without having to fear being blocked.
1 y
Edit: I am thinking. I still maintain we need an edit function as well :)
Should Anonymous Questions and posts be banned?
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