Is there a way to browse members on this site?

Am I missing a button somewhere I don't see where to click to browse profiles or to even search for them.


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  • If you know the exact user name you could type it in after this:

    and then put that in the address bar on your browser.. So it would look like this: ( link

    Otherwise, there isn't any method of "Browsing" for users.. Maybe searching for a specific user.. but not browsing.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • The link above didn't work.. Let's try again: ( link )

    • Wrong again! 3rd time is the charm..

      Add the username after:

      And in the end it would look like this: ( link )

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  • Type a person's name in the "Search" bos on the top right corner.

    Click on their name to browse their profile.

    I suppose there might be some security section that may prevent you from seeing it. IDK.

    • Are you f***ing serious? I NEVER knew knew that you could do that.

    • Serious.

      I suppose it doesn't work when people post anonymously. But then again, that's kind of the point of posting anonymously. >_>

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  • on the right hand side it says "search", type the user's you wanna search for and it will come up as questions which that user answered, browse through the questions and the user should be there

    • What if they answered everything anonymous?

    • No, there has to be at least one or more they that they have answered that is not anonymous.

      just try it