Abd, is a good gag friend and to hear about what happened, I think I am going to take a gag break for a while, love you guys, will you miss me or abd?

It's amazing what a little rumor can do...
I am still going to be off for a while but it is just so strange to be in a bill cosby situation... I personally can't confirm any of this. But I will say this, I just want to wipe the slate clean and remember abd as I knew him and just move on without his presence on gag. I respect all of your opinions about the situation and I hope after a while, this will have done its course and we can go back to normal.
Overall, I hope the hurting stops for everyone involved. It pains me to see anyone uncomfortable or suffering. I just hope after a while things will go back to normal


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  • Little humor? He made a mytake about "my last confession" and also asked a question "am I creepy" in both, girls who got harassed by him how much creepy and pervy, bothering he was. Guess what happened, he removed them.

    Answer honestly please, am I a creep? If yes then why? ↗
    My last confession ↗

    If it was a little rumor, admins wouldn't take his mod, influencer and editor title. I'll be also putting this again, sadly he removed his post and it can't be read anymore. If you really think or believe he was innocent, you can leave here please. As someone who doesn't know you well, I am not gonna miss or ever look for you. That's fine for me.

    I cannot accept someone could approve or see his pervy actions innocent. Sorry.

    • If you have enough guts abd, reach me. Stop making alternative accounts to tell people you were innocent who already blocked you. I started all these, why you didn't even try contacting me? https://www.girlsaskguys.com/user/abskilani

      Stop using people to praise yourself or support your fake innocence here unless there are some voluntereed to become your pets.

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    • @Wowgirl10q Fair enough... but geez this site sometimes, smh.

    • @ultimega I know dude it's wacky my big thing is handle things privately. Ya know? Whoever is right or wrong talk privately or shit gets like this

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  • I’m sad to see you go, but abd can stay away. It wasn’t a “little rumor” he got called out with TONS of screenshots. He even made a “confession” In which he lied to make himself look less like a creep/pervert.

    Abdkilani was a hypocrite and a liar. Always saying that he’d never do stuff like that in comments, but doing the opposite in pm.

    I’d rather see you stay since you’re an awesome guy, but tbh I couldn’t be happier that abd left.

    Which you the best and hope to see you again tho. 😋

    • I remember you and @kenni joking around in one of my questions... really thought you guys were kinda friends...

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    • @xTom98 Thank you! So are you :)

    • You’re both basic af

  • I'm sorry about what went on. I heard this happened with more
    than one Male GAG user so , i don't know what happened I'm
    neutral i don't judge others. Everyone is innocent until proven

    • I hope you don't leave cause you are great person on GAG.

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    • Thank You For MHO :)

    • You are welcome

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  • considering it wasn't a rumor, Id avice you to change your views on him. He is a sick pervert and I hope he never comes back.

    Dont know you, but abd was seriously a bad guy. Full of lies and Bullshit.

    • And he is bold-faced to read all these, still be fine with them. Stay in this website.

  • You're gullible if you think it's a rumor.
    Take a break, join him.
    We won't notice you gone.

    • I am sorry to hear that, I am just trying to come to terms with this, I got a surface layer to start and now from this post I am getting all the details...

    • You don't need to confirm or deny it for it to still have had happened, those that were the victims know.
      I don't see how someone's mistakes is making YOU leave.

    • I really don't do well when it comes to conflict. I am just glad that this is behind us

  • It wasn’t a rumor, it was him being EXPOSED.

    Basically, we spilled the tea and those who deserved it got burned.

  • "A little humour?"That guy sexually harrassed me and other girls in PM. I have screenshots to prove it. He even posted some creepy inappropriate comments on my opinions. I have links to prove that, as well. Not to mention how he stalked me and other girls. He even asked one girl to show her nude.

    I am very disappointed that you that you actually believed his lie. If he was just "joking" the GaG Admins wouldn't have taken away his Mod status, Editor and Influencer badge.

    That guy made mutiple accounts to follow me and other girls in the last few days, so he can message us pretending to be someone else. Oh and all his post about "Am I a creep?" and "My Last Confession" was posted by him just to gain sympathy, get compliments and wanted people to plead him to stay. He is nothing but a pushy creep, an attention seeker, hypocrite and a big liar.

  • Well he got exposed and made a Mytske to gain sympathy from people. I felt bad until I found out what he was doing to many young women of gag.

  • Wow. after looking at all the comments- I dunno what to think.

    Didn't realise all of this was going on :/

  • It wasn’t a little rumor though.

  • Don’t go!

    • I’m confused lol

    • I am going to go back and forth a little bit on this question but after that... I am going to wait until this situation has passed. I don't know what to think myself, I am still trying to understand all this information. But judging from how its presented and the admins response its some pretty serious stuff. Its more than a rumor that's for sure. and with ChocolateCheesecake saying it will hold up in court. That is when it went from rumor to confusion for me. It's a lot to take in.

  • Why hasn't he been banned?
    I'm disgusted

    • Favouritism.

      If what was said is true and if anybody else was to do the same: instant ban- no questions asked.

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    • Yeah, I'm reading through more of the opinions... and im literally shaking my head, holy shit.
      Where are all the admins and why wasn't this picked sooner?

    • @ultimega right? Does it make any sense at all. Used to have a nonsense option and people would get their stuff taken off because it was nonsense. Where is this is absolutely disgusting and harassment and would hold up in court if need be, but he's still here. SMH

  • I think that's a good call I'm with you

    • I announce when I down vote someone. Just saying
      Haven't got one message 🙄

    • I didn't say what I thought or didn't about anything. I agreed with my friend JJ that Im in need of a break. So I'm not sure what you mean?
      But thank you for messaging me I respect that

    • I never said rumor or believe, know , think, nothing. I respect everyones opinion because it's theirs. Just like nobodys feelings are wrong becaues they are their own feelings

  • Really? @AbdKilani

  • what happened?


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  • Well, I read a very strong message about his behaviour from someone who I trust and hence sometimes these rumours can have real substance. You can't always judge how someone is behind the scenes by how they are with you and in public. Even some serial killers had families and kids. Extreme example but it illustrates the point.

  • Nah blud, his behaviour on GAG at one point was vile. I've heard and read plenty that shows without a shadow of doubt that he's a creep and pervert.

    Oh, and that last MyTake and 'Am I a creep' question had the same devastating effect of confining a honey badger in your scrotum. It was idiotic and basically confirmed everything. As an added bonus, he basically said he doesn't have control over his actions.

  • I'm confused.

    What did he do to these girls? Did he hit on them and ask for nudes or something else?

    • Precisely

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    • Pretending to help me with my workout and asking for nudes "just to see the results", he was actually pretending to care, but kept on making inappropriate comments on how he was naked and stuff like that.

    • I usually have no problem blocking creeps like that. But when it's a "friend", and you learn he does that to all his other female friends, it's a different story.

  • I’ll have to see what he’s written and give him the benefit of the doubt innocent until proven guilty sort of thing. I don’t know what country he is from, but if his English isn’t good than maybe some people might translate or misinterpret what he’s saying for something else entirely. Also, those who truly feel he was trying to act undesirable aren’t the most unbiased jurors. I’m in a perfect position to analyze what he’s said and give him the fairest feedback I can give. I would say, if you were his friend, DONT throw him under neath the bus for a slight mistake or momentary flaw in his character. Be fair. Be forgiving. Be one with the force... lol jk on the last part

  • I read some of the opinions here, and he sounds like a massive pervo. I wouldn't be surprised if was like that in real life.


  • He did it to himself.

  • Comparitively, I interact with you more.

  • Okay have a nice break.


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