What do you do w unwanted, ugly opinions?

I think all of us have different perceptions/viewpoints which is quite okay. But some people are just annoying smart ass or prejudiced. We can't tell if the viewer of our question has those flaws.

Some opinions are less useful and just plain hurtful. I think gag needs to take care of such losers, there are millions of positive voices waiting to heard! But some retards just are only here to pick a fight. They consider themselves Wise Owls, pointing at stats and logic and whatnot to spread prejudice. Honesty is appreciated, hatred is not. Letting people down is their own gag trend.

What're your thoughts?What do you do w unwanted, ugly opinions?


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  • Few things to do [presuming the right circumstances]:
    1.) If you see a user saying something that breaks site rules, report their posts! You don't need to be a mod or admin to report something, and it's not like only mod reports are taken seriously. If something isn't reported, it is much harder to find given the amount of questions, opinions, and opinion comments daily. Reports are appreciated!
    Link to rules:

    2.) If you see a user that isn't breaking the rules, but he/she is providing answers on your questions that you don't like or whatever, block them. Afterwards, they won't be able to answer your posts. Likewise, they won't be able to do something like PM you either.
    Blocking people:

    3.) If you have something against blocking, or if something has already been posted on your question that you don't like, you can use the "I don't want to see this" feature. To do so, you click the three dots on the top right of someone's post and click "I don't want to see this."
    Feature explained:
    Things NOT to do:
    1.) Responding back via insulting or name-calling. Things that are rule breaking get removed, and name-calling people is against the rules. If both the user opinion or comments and responses to the comment are rule breaking, they both get removed.

    2.) Writing a GAG question about the user. If you write a question or opinion about a user and say something like "Why is @ _______ so horrible?" it's going to get removed as a member post.

    3.) Confronting the user in PM by calling them all sorts of nasty things or whatnot. This is more likely to get you blocked first and foremost, but if one starts harassing people in PMs, their profile is also liable to get reported for "Private Messages."


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  • I’m not sure how stats and logic are inherent to proving prejudice. That actually seems counterintuitive.

    Honesty can sometimes be negative and difficult and there are at least two sides to a position. If people believe they have achieved the moral high ground I’ve found they’re usually wrong in their position because taking a position does not equate to morality even if it’s the right position to be in.

    Outside of that there are many people here that are out to troll for sure and they use whatever means they can to do it.


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  • You can block users so they cannot respond to your posts and you can hide opinions that you do not want to see. However, when you are seeking advice, often the best advice is something that you do not want to hear. If users are responding with name calling or offensive words, you can always report them to a moderator or to Admin.

  • Block if I hate the user. Hide if I just dislike one opinion of theirs.

  • If u don't wantvto hear someone opinion block them pretty simple lol

  • Be nasty back obviously

  • Usually don‘t let it phase me.


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