You should have a tick box?

Where you can choose to still view "deleted" questions / answers. I don't think I'd have a problem with most of them, definitely the "offensive" ones, but I still can't see them. :(

As if anon one has blocked me but anon two hasn't. LOL
Yeah if you do it you'll need a thing like "GirlsAskGuys is not responsible for how pissed off you get if you tick this box, do so at your own peril. ;)" LOL.
Oh oh oh, andd, you can tick a box so words aren't asterisked out and offensive racist/sexist/homophobic slang isn't changed to a PC version. E.g. Gay >>> Homosexual. They do actually have different meanings, and if you're not offended then you'll...
understand. The good thing about the internet is how easily it is to filter. I don't know if this is too complex for the website, but seeing words like p**n actually confused me 'till I saw p*rn, why is p*rn censored? Protect the children like there...
aren't questions worse? I'm sure so many people agree with me, and want a tick box. Those that don't want to see the material just don't tick the boxes. Be innovative GAG. ;)
Oh and one last thing... link :)


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  • Thanks for the input!

    It's definitely an interesting suggestion that we haven't heard before. We will make note of it, and consider your thoughts as we make changes to the site. :)

    Thanks again!


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  • I have the same issue


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