Ever notice how the exact same people who call others snowflakes often fly into a tantrum when confronted by actual facts?

Figures since both bigots and sexists share two qualities. Dull wits and cowardice so they desperately try to be clever... their best shot being 3rd grade insults... then try to project.. then they block you.

I can't use names or he'd tattle on me Lol


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  • You're one of the single biggest projectionists who uses this website, and you post this?

    Your lack of self awareness is truly incredible.

  • Why are you so silly with all this political stuff? Let's get along and have some fun. I mean it's not the maturest thing to constantly post political memes poking such fun of people you disagree with. Of course, you aren't; going to get the best interactions with people that way.

    • 3 d ago

      I requested a follow for a start. We totally disagree on most political issues, I imagine, but there's no reason we can't get along.

  • Facts from whom? The left? Give me a break, old man.
    You're just bitter because people don't trust the left anymore.


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