D*** it, I lost a question I wanted...

to answer and now I can't find it. Also forgot to notebook it. damn it! lol. has this happened to u? if it has what was the question if you remember.


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  • If you know what it is about just use the search button.

    • oh duhhh! hahahaa! what a dumbass. sorry hella tired. didn't have much sleep last night. didn't notice the search box and I never had to use it before. but thnx. lol

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    • Thank youuuu :) haha

    • now your welcome! lol

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  • Find it in your browser history.

    Just type in girlsaskguys.com/(section it was in)/

    and things will pop up, then you can click on the link that was the Q

    • my browser history clears after I close tabs, but I hear ya. thnx

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