Why does G@G allow Islamophobes on the website?

It's hate speech, not free speech, don't work your little mind to think of a petty excuse, if you were actually mature you would have a discussion about it, not cry it out like a lost child.

All it does is literally spread hatred for no reason at all, what's exactly the point? Other than letting flame wars happen and push people away from the website? Just so they get their hatred off their chest to the entire world and infect everyone else with it?

Why is it okay to insult an entire religion and its people? Considering there are many Muslims on here as well?

As a Muslim, I hate seeing my religion getting stained further than it already is by the media and "Islamic terrorism", but that shouldn't even be the point here, hate and discrimination against a large group of people shouldn't be allowed at all, especially when that group isn't threatening you or hurting you, even if that was the case, it's childish and immature to come cry about it online rather than actually doing something about it in real life, maybe some research to work your tiny brain?

I do understand that questions and opinions sometimes get removed for being Islamophobic, but the people who posted them don't even get banned and they keep doing their thing, spreading false "facts" about my religion and staining its reputation more and more, and there's nothing to stop them.

This isn't a religious debate by the way, if you try going there and telling me "oh but Islam is this and that" then I WILL delete your opinion, take that somewhere else, this isn't the subject here.
I'm not talking just about my religion, I'm saying that HATE shouldn't be an allowed language on this website, and believe me, I'm not really religious in the first place, but I'm for peace, acceptance, respect, and understanding.

Again, NO religion debates, this is a post to stop hate spreading on the website, not to have religion flame wars.
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Please read the whole thing and understand that I'm not talking about non-Muslims who have arguments against Islam but still respect the people, I'm talking about those people who can't resist talking shit about the whole religion and its people all the time, disrespectful and immature idiots who spread hate for a living.
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Thanks for pointing out my username and proving that I shouldn't hesitate a second before removing your petty unreasonable desperate opinions 😊👌
Why does G@G allow Islamophobes on the website?
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