Do you Pretend on this site?

I Do Pretend here.
I used to pretend much more in past.

But now im learning Not to.
Its all just virtual in here, should i be bothered by it will be bad for me!
It takes lot of Effort to be true yourself.

Not acting like gentleman, or respectable guy or good user or showing pseudo formality.

Society and other's eyes are always upon me, this was my fear, which i accepted and am facing now!
I hope to eventually get rid of it, slowly, very slowly!
Its not easy, but its not that difficult either,
This is not even real here😂

I asked this since i realised im not the only one like this in here. So just wanted to see how others are!
Do You Pretend?(here)
If yes, any specific reasons?

Just remember: you can not lie to yourself.
I do
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I do not
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Do you Pretend on this site?
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