How would you like G@G to be moderated? [LONG]?

This is a discussion that constantly comes up. On a website based on opinions, its hard to decide where the limits are, as it differs per person.

So, how do you think the site should be moderated? This post is meant for fun, don't take it too serious.

Each level also counts its previous one.
Lv 1. No moderation what so ever.
Vote A
Lv 2. Remove posts that clearly and directly attack a user. This also includes banning people clearly behaving inappropriate in DM's.
Vote B
Lv 3. Remove any posts that attack none-choice groups. (hate againsts sexualities, religions followers, races, etc.)
Vote C
Lv 4. Remove any posts from socially controversial and potentionally damaging topics (Incel posts, Conspiracy theories, Fake news)
Vote D
Lv 5. Remove posts considered annoying or repeatitive by the community (genital length posts, alpha/beta discussions, questions generalizing entire groups)
Vote E
Lv 6. Remove any posts that are inconsiderate of people, groups or ideas. Questions have to be passive and are not allowed to be biased.
Vote F
Lv 7. Full on community voting. People can gather in order to get a post deleted by voting.
Vote G
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23 d
Keep in mind that community voting can be exploited with fake accounts. Hence why its Lv 7.
22 d
I was hoping people would be more corrupt in their choices, but these seem reasonable. Thanks for voting ^
How would you like G@G to be moderated? [LONG]?
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