How did g@g affect you as a person?

Being on g@g has definitely changed a lot of my perspective and even things that I take into my real life.

First of all I have become more grateful for my religion. You know how people say "Y'all need Jesus"? Yeah that's me scrolling through gag feed. And I dress far more modestly now to the point most stores don't even have clothes for how much I cover. Men can be such perverts and you wouldn't even know what goes in their minds, so creepy!!

Some of my viewpoints on specific areas of life... Have become less radical or polar.

I've learned a lot about relationships. A lot. Other matters too, some content here are really very educational.

I recently broke up from a relationship where I learned a lot. I met this guy on gag.

My English improved.
How did g@g affect you as a person?
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