Is it possible to see the most xper points earned?

for one match I got 30000 xp with a 25000 "other bonus" for black ops.. is it possible to go back and look at that?


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  • I don't believe it will allow you to check previous scores and stuff. 3arc sucks at most everything else, so I doubt they'd keep a database for that. Though they at least did allow community playback from previous games, but that still won't tell you your xper score. I think the most I made was like 50k points in a game of hardcore HQ. Not double xper weekend either, but thank god for "lifetime" challenges :D

    • i was playin team death match lol

    • Team Camp Match? lol, jk. I do TD if I have a contract, otherwise the spawn wait annoys me. Though you do get more points per kill, but I find you get more xp in general and cod$ per game of HQ (assuming you actually try to cap hqs). It helps that I'm the anti-air guy on our team as well though, so I get more points for destroying everything. Also, warlord is a great money/xp making perk, because you get xp for two attachments.

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  • Don't know, but most the leaderboards are duds... A lot of people hack the system and have insane scores or kill streaks. Sure you can be good, even great at the game... But probability is that you'd not achieve the score that those boards suggest. I mean you'd have to be 100% focussed the whole time and play a lot without switching off the system.

    • your point? I just wanted to know because that's the most xp I've ever earned before.. lol

    • My point being that you probably won't find your score because so many people hack or cheat that you won't make it onto a scoreboard...

  • Don't know. Ps3 or Xbox? I find girls that play Black Ops incredibly cool. :)

    • ps3 and thanks :] lol

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