How to tell if someone is a fake on GAG or is being a Catfish?

I keep getting harassed by 19yo guys from Croatia, Russia, Romania, etc., telling me I am a catfish. For a long while, it made me hurt, cry, angry, and feel like a loser for getting bullied. I was foolish and replied to their comments, which only caused me more grief and sadness.

one, i don't look like a fish, nor do I breath under water!!

Seriously, I have been on GAG over 4 years and while it is difficult some times dealing with these losers AND their fake profiles, I like the questions and answers that come through here. I have even made a couple of IRL friends.

If you suspect a person is a fake, especially if their profile pic is "odd", you can check to see if it is a real picture or if it is stolen from the web. I find this happens whenever you are PMing someone, they ask for LOTS of pics, esp NUDE, and then when you ask for return pics, either they are evasive, have excuses, or worse, they finally send you pics they stole off the web.

Save the picture from their profile to your device, then bring up "" and drag the picture into it. It will search the entire web and tell you if it is an original picture or from a website.

So again, use if you doubt that someone is using a real picture.

by the way, all my pics are me!!

If you are gonna hate me, please keep your comments off my post...
How to tell if someone is a fake on GAG or is being a Catfish?
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