Do you really find older men leaving comments creepy?

Do you find it creepy when older men reply to teens questions? A person here felt that men 50+ leaving comments is creepy. Do you believe that to be true? I decided to respond by saying, "I'm 50 and creepy?" followed by two sad faces as a joke but now my post cannot be found. I guess I was creepy to this anonymous person.

I do try helping young men/women out with self-esteem issues as I share how I overcame my own insecurities during my youth. I will compliment a person if I can as I do not believe in tearing a person down. I am not here to try scoring with any lady but I did make a very good friend that is certainly is nowhere near teenage years. I talked to her for over 2 hours yesterday and it NEVER got sexual.

I did join initially to get a young crowds perspective as to why a 19 year old girl would grab me and kiss me on the lips out of nowhere as it freaked me out. I did not join to see if I could find a girl I could hookup with. Yes, I have seen some older men posting inappropriate sex comments to teens so I do not deny seeing desperate older men here.

I'm usually thorough in my posts as I share things I overcame myself. You should not fear a 50 year old when it comes to dating recommendations as we have gone through much trial and error in life and have learned quite a bit. If I am able to pull something from experience then I like to share it.

If you find men over a certain age creepy then you should post, “I’m looking to hear from men/ladies between the ages of 16 to 30 or whatever you feel is safe because not everyone here is bothered by a good helpful reply no matter what their age is. I will sometimes post silly sexual responses for the purpose of bringing out a smirk but never to be a pervert hoping that it may lead to anything.

So again, do you find older men just creepy in here participating in younger people’s sexual
questions they are leaving? If so, then I will take note of you and not post anything under your questions.
Do you really find older men leaving comments creepy?
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