How do you select MHOs?

Personally, I select most helpful opinions based on these criteria:

a) Are they relevant to the question?
b) Do they offer a fresh perspective?
c) Are they more than a "yes" or "no", do they provide an opportunity to discuss things further?
d) Is the grammar clear enough?
e) Is what someone wrote personal?
f) Is someone being put down or harmed in their opinion? -> Delete
g) Did I respond to their opinion, did it spark a conversation others could be interested in too?

I don't give people MHO just so that I can gain 1 XPER, when few people respond to a question of mine sometimes nobody gets any, simply because I don't feel like it's helpful for people who don't deserve MHO to get it.

What about you? How do you select MHOs?
How do you select MHOs?
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