Want to Thank My Fellow GaGgers?

I would like to thank all my fellow GaGgers that responded to @Brainsbeforebeauty post for Sending me Wellness Wishes @Could all G@Gers please take a moment? I'm out of the woods with the Flu. Pregnancy is still very high risk so the Doctors are keeping me in the Hospital until the Triplets are born. Earliest delivery that is better for babies would be late April around 32-34 week gestation but best would be after 36 weeks so Mid to Late May. Due Date is June 8th but multiples never go to term the Doctors said with my size (I'm tiny) I'll be lucky to keep them to 30 weeks. I've already had many Braxton Hicks which is False Labor.

I still have to rest a lot, which everyone says take advantage of this opportunity now...

This weekend was a very Emotional weekend I received my 3 Year Sobriety Coin, we did it via FaceTime with me here in the hospital and my meetings. The Nurses kept trying to take my phone away from me but I fought them on this one.

All your Positive Vibes sent meant the World to my Husband, and our Son, and of course to me.

Much Love to you All xoxo 😘😘
Want to Thank My Fellow GaGgers?
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