I was wrong in what I believed 😊?

I was so thrilled upon coming up to a platform , where i would have found people who would agree to my thoughts , but here i am , sad as always , losing hope to mankind. And yet here i am worthless , alone , humiliated with my life. I put it up as a question because i do not use the web version to post my takes but then again it would have been a bad gesture. Thank you G@G for the time i had here, but my life won't change. I accept my life as it is. @Simon1092 , @Insightfull , @Bichha , @Jean-Marie_Céline , dude get a username where i can tag you easily 🙄, @Jennajay1719 , @1stranger , @Huntedgirl , @btratzdoll1001 , @Jeca8 , @hyjals , @Nikkilee12 , @lateralusqueen , @5points2gspot Thank you for being close to me as much as you could. It was wonderful getting to share my opinions but i am better off on my own , to keep things to myself. Stay safe stay healthy , i will be around , even if i am not. Your good friend John 😊
I was wrong in what I believed 😊?
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