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Do you think this site could use some upgrade on Search?

I'm quite new to site, and I would vote yes.

Or have I just been blind to that button that allows me to search better. Is there way to search profiles and such. Where is the option to limit time frame for searched questions and all such simple thing one might think should be there.

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  • No, it is just fine as it is.
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  • Some upgrades would be helpful. I don't know if a people search is necessary, but it would be nice to be able to eliminate those old questions that nobody has commented on in eight months. Especially if it already has a "Best Answer" selected and the person who asked the question probably doesn't need help with it any more. Sure, maybe someone else could get something out of it, but really, if someone else has the question, wouldn't they just ask rather than search through old questions trying to find their answer? Each situation is different, even though they may be similar, there could be a better solution for the new person. So, yes, I think it is a good idea to update search capabilities. Possibly even make an archive search for the people who insist on looking through stagnant questions to get their answers.

    • Great idea prounlost. This has been in the list of things to do for a while now. Maybe we will push it up further and get it out the door faster

  • Im not sure it's a good idea for people to be able to search profiles. I'm already getting the usual Nigerian fraud e mails as well as sexual come=ons from people outside the network.

    • Martyfellow, when you get such messages on your GirlsAskGuys account, please visit that person's profile and click on Report option and select spam. This will help us fight with spam and remove those users along with their posts and messages immediately.