Did you realize g@g uses AI as a moderation tool?

wankiam m
i mean in these extrodinary circumstances we find ourselves in today its no wonder the likes of farcebook and twatter are using AI just to be able to cope during the covid-19 emergency but even with the sophisticated systems they can afford to employ they also appologised in advance for any errors users may witness so i was incredibly interested to learn this morning that g@g has been using AI for quite some time... it does however explain why whenever i try to deal with them direct its like talking to a robot.
thats quite alarming
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i dont care eventhough i had stuff removed for no reason
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that explains a lot
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12 d
oh and next time you feel affronted when you had something removed it might be worth considering the fact it maybe wasn't a human moderator that did it before you go off on a rant about what we do here
Did you realize g@g uses AI as a moderation tool?
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