These ads are so annoying!!!

am I the only one who finds the ads that play on this site now very annoying! I mean I can't even listen to music when I am on this site now


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  • Yes, I find the audio intrusions and pop ups on the comment box very annoying. I've written about it but nothing has changed


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  • OK, let me see if I've gotten this straight. Three people have responded to your post. One of the respondants you ignored completely, the second (Shaun) you called a "bitch", and the third (me) you referred to as "lame". I'm thinkin the ads are the least of your worries.

    • you are lame no one likes the ads you could at least cut the volume off. and your last post about cutting it up on me was just dumb and stupid and just kinda annoyed me how lame you are. you answer just sounded like a lame guy trying to be funny when actually you just sounded corny.

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    • no just go away

    • poof...

  • Actually, the ads you speak of are part of a new marketing program sponsored by my company, wherein we place said ads as a tool by which we measure the responsiveness of given site users. For instance, Shaun, who responded to your post below, has just won a brand new Honda Civic. On the other hand, your response has prompted us to turn up the volume on the ads.

    • you are lame.

    • Turn up the volume, I'll just keep it off, or make an effort to find a program that completely disables ads on websites (someone told me they're selling by the millions, great market program). Though I haven't felt an urge to seek it until I came on this forum. . .should I postpone my effort on account of your efforts to improve your business?

  • I agree. the adds make me want to take another break. I think they are the reason I stopped using gag last time too. it's just too much.

    • I jsut want to add that guru's don't get adds. I think you get it at lvl 9 or 10.

  • What ads?

    • the are commercials videos that play at the bottom right of the pages

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    • your probably not hearing cause your computer is on mute.. your probably too dumb to know. just get off my question you are no help and really a waste of time. a guy complaining like a 3 year old boy. little bitch

    • lmao. Your thread is a bitch. No, my comp isn't on mute.

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