How can I earn a bunch more xper points?? I really want that Itunes card!

would it be smart to maybe trade some in to get it now? I just got an iphone and I saw all these apps I want to buy!

Does anyone else have an Iphone or Ipad, or Itouch? How much do you spend on Apps regularly?


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  • I've spent maybe like $2 total...its a waste of money unless yorue in class all day bored as hell or you travel a whole lot...half of mine are just apps for like finding local shops, bars, stores, etc...or like finding what time a movie starts, pandora, netflix, etc...the ones I pay for I never end up your money!

    • I bought one to track my period (lol tmi sorry) and angry birds the rest I got free..

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  • They aren't giving out iTunes cards anymore.

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    • Aaagghh...sorry, Shaun. As SOON as I posted this and received your request, we once again ran into technical difficulties with itunes again. My timing was terrible - sorry about that! If you'd like an Amazon gift card instead, please let us know!

    • haha no worries

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  • You earn Xper points for nearly everything you do on GirlsAskGuys!

    For more information, check out the Xper Points page.


  • There are usually free versions of the ones that you can buy.

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