How often do you go on GirlsAskGuys?

I've almost become addicted to this website. I've been a member for a couple months now, and I seem to go on everyday - either to check up if my questions got any answers, or if I'm just curious to read the other questions and answers.

  • A couple times a day
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  • Once a day
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  • A couple days a week
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  • Once a week
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  • Once a month
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Are you on right now?

    Will we be seeing you on the next episode of "Intervention"?

    and your addiction will be this site


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What Guys Said 3

  • I try to make it at least once a day, if for no other reason that you get 3 points for every day you login, and if you go more than a few days without logging in you start to lose points. This is important to me as I am trying to replace my entire wardrobe with girls ask guys t-shirts.

  • I'm logged in nearly every day. I try to budget my time on here bur sometimes I get involved with a question and I'm here for hours discussing it!

  • I'm on whenever I get bored. Which is a lot.


What Girls Said 1

  • a few times a day for a few minutes each, just to answer some question or see if anyone commented on my answers