Why does GaG suddenly think I'm Mexican?

That little video ad that sometimes pops up under the poll questions in the right column (y'know, the one that can't be turned off, paused, or muted?) has suddenly changed entirely to Spanish. The ad is promptly followed by a video featuring a bunch of Mexicans doing a stoppie in a dirty old blue van, and on one isolated incident, a video of a guy dressed in a big red dinosaur costume face-planting on his roller blades in front of a crowd of people.

This cycle of "ad>video>ad>video" continues indefinitely.

Is this happening to anybody else?! Why are you doing this to me, GaG?!


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  • Firefox>>>>Ad Block Plus

    No adds for me, dude.

    • Installed, but still curious as to why this happened.

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    • i'm not real big computer guy. what is the deal with Firefox? I have heard about it but don't know what the benefits are.

    • It's just a web browser. It's faster than IE, more stable than chrome and has addons that streamline/improve we performance.

  • The tire squeal one? They're such f**s for putting that ad up.