Wondering about the trolls who thumb everyone down on here? haha

Do they find it fun? I don't get it. It's a pretty bad trolling attempt. I don't know why they do it. Thumbs don't mean that much - to me, all they do is tell you how good or bad an answer is. The points aren't much. So what are the trolls who thumb all the answers on a question down trying to accomplish?

I didn't thumb any answers down...
Never mind, thought the anonymous girl was accusing me of thumbing down haha.

@cjwright79: You've blocked me haha... but anyway, in response to your answer, I'm talking about the trolls who thumb down every single answer, even the really good ones. I'm not talking about people like you who thumb down the occasional answer.


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  • If you've made a question devoted to it, they've succeeded in bothering you. So I'd imagine that this is exactly why there are trolls.

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    • Damn. I feel like an idiot now for asking this question :P. But still, I stand by the fact that I only asked it out of curiosity. I was never bothered by the trolls.

    • i do hate to see good answers with a down arrow tho just because someones being an ass and downing everywhere.

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  • LOL I do! hahahaha. >:)

  • I ALWAYS get down arrows. It sucks. This question is one that's been in my mind too.

    • No, it doesn't really suck. It's just confusing.

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    • Lmao, yeah, I stay up all night thinking about users who I`ve never met before downvoting me because they`ve got a stick up their ass.

  • It's funny when someone posts a question, then thumbs down all the responses that they don't agree with.

    You can just tell its them doing it.

    Like people are trying to give you helpful advice, but if they insinuate that maybe you're part of the problem, or you're doing something wrong, or suggesting that one of their enemies isn't the terrible person they claim them to be, you'll just disregard what they're saying and thumb them down.

    • Wow. I got that last part mixed up. Yay for being tired. ** or suggesting that one of YOUR enemies isn't the terrible person YOU claim them to be**

      Well hopefully you get my point.

    • I didn't say you were thumbing them down. I'm talking about people who post questions in general.

    • Haha yeah I realized that after I posted the update. Sorry :P

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  • If I feel that an answer is particularly unhelpful, disingenuous, snide, snotty, lame, or crass I want to show my displeasure.

    if you get 10 thumbs down you lose no points remember

    • unblocked sorry brah : ]

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    • "to praise all is to praise none"

    • Well, I don't thumb up the bad answers. I just leave them. And haha, I'm not exactly praising the people who didn't answer my question, so it's all good. I'm still praising the answerers for answering my question.

  • Funny enough,some of those troll are doing the same in this post.What a stupid way to have fun for them.They're really morons,imao.