What will you do if someone deleted and blocked you for a shallow reason?

like he was asking your own opinion and when you told him about it he just got mad immediately Because of your own opinion but you respect his thoughts but still insisting and got it in a wrong way like mis-interpret...

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  • I would let them continue to be immature about it and only talk to them if they come back with an apolagy, because shallow people are the worst sort for tantrums, so let them get over it and grow up a little but always maintain that all you did was give them your opinion which they asked for, xx

    • Yeah, but he is so mad at me, because he think and insisting that I said "He is bad" when in fact I didn't say it...

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    • thank you for the advise thing :)) I really appreciate it

    • Your welcome, x

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What Guys Said 4

  • i wouldn't get too worried about it. if that person was a friend even in the internet sense they wouldn't fly off the handle that quick, just move on from it.

  • Who cares? It's the internet. If that's the way they want to be, fine.

  • I'll block him if he blocks me. now we're fair

  • he probably doesn't want to talk to you because you insulted him

    • I didnt, I was just saying in my own opinion but I told him that I really respect his thought because I know we do have different virtue... I didn't say that he is bad BUT he is insisting that I said it

What Girls Said 1

  • I'd move on I'm still eating and breathing without them(:

    • HAhahaha great one ;) I'm still eating but my mind is still bothered

    • Why is that?..

    • its bcoz I treat him like my close friend but just bcoz of my own opinion he got mad,and insisting that I was saying he is bad when in fact I didnt...