Do you think I am hot questions...

So, I recently have been seeing funny things on this website...

I wonder why someone will impersonate a "celebrity" ask a question about their appearance...And have people who know they are liars...Still try to talk to them as if they were..

It is truly baffling.

why do they do this? It makes no sense at all.

I understand attention whores..with pictures of themselves..saying stuff like "I look ugly"...but impersonators and people who hit on them...baffle me...


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  • You mean girls who use pictures of site models & try to pass them off as theirs?

    Those girls are ridiculous & Cyrus is usually able to call them out on their sh*t cause there's a site with the most stolen site model pics.

    They probably don't receive much attention irl for their appearance so they think by putting pics of someone else on a website and representing it as themselves they'll receive attention and when they do they tell themselves it's cause of their "awesome" personality.

    Do you think I am hot is a loaded question cause people who give their honest opinions are criticized for it.


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  • Most of them are teens and are in a stage of their lives where they constantly need social approval. It's an annoying part of growing up.

    You won't see many age 21+ people posting these questions.

  • Do you think I am hot? link

  • Kinda sad I suppose

  • I don't really care. I just let them do what makes them feel nice. Why would you care anyways? I thought the internet was fantasy world where we could be whatever we wanted to be.

    • Yes, when joking. Not seriously.

      It is just plain illegal and stupid to do such things.

      Well it is good you could care less...I don't care either...but I was pointing out the senselessness behind it. Also I didn't comprehend why it is being done. I am satistfied with Evangelina's answer. And good enough. Thanks for answering. Mr.Solo_Dolo.

    • Yep, well I understand what you mean. I try not to care about that stuff because it will just end up getting you annoyed like I assume you are. So just let them have their fun.

  • QA you look good for your age :D

  • Because they want to melt peoples butter like your hot muffins.


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