Hey, what's with the red marks next to some user's names?

The yellow speech-bubble is moderator, the crown is admin, so what is the red one? SUPER-moderator?


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  • Super moderators, they can delete questions, answers, and comments.

    • Because we're super. I'm THUUUUUUPER!

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    • Blocking a mod or super mod doesn't stop them from being able to delete your stuff. Only from responding to your questions/comments/voting on your content/messaging you.

    • yep, ihatework already answered. Thank you =)

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  • they're supermods lol. they can delete questions too, I hope they don't get carried away with it tho.

  • Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Supermod!

  • Yeah, they're supermods.

  • I think the only problem (and this isn't from me because it's gag, not something important) is that apparently the red yellow blue orange whatever remove answers even if they answer the question but could say something about other users. Mods on other sites are supposedto be indifferent, not sarcastic and defensive like above when someone disagrees.

    • That may be true, but the thing is Admin have been quite strict about the naming of other users in questions. They feel (rightly or wrongly) that this can lead to ongoing flame wars and bitterness being carried over from question to question to question. Eliminating any answers which talk about users (good or bad) is one way to deal with this.

      If you have a helpful answer to give someone, surely you can give it without naming some users and running the risk of deletion?

  • super mods and so far stevo and belgie are the only ones iv seen that should have it

    • Stevo is not known as Stevo anymore.

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    • Well that's two good men that are vouching for WeaponZero...gonna give him the benefit of the doubt...in fact...I don't know of any "problems" that were made into Supermods...gotta watch some of those yellow ones tho...

    • Stevo will soon be known as stevo 2.0-I should know since he's me.

  • Its for people that have a viral disease, so it is a cautionary action to any body that wants to sleep with them.

  • And WeaponZero and Enchanted_x3 are also super mods.

  • Supermoderators are red, (which I won't be for much longer) yellow are just moderators.

    • you're gonna lose your status? :[

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    • What rules? I got my name changed... Or is it just moderators who aren't allowed name changes?

    • We can't for some reason, have no idea why not. Like what I said, their site, their rules.

  • They're on the rag.


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  • Its BS imo. Regular users on here should not be given the power to remove questions aswell. Most mods don't even know how to do their job properly.

    • Yes and if they do it wrong the Admin will fix it, they have before.

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  • Yes they are Supermods and I hope they keep cruise lady in check because if I see one more question starting with "I met a guy on a cruise", I am going to get really irritated. I respect what they do and they wouldn't get that status unless they deserved it.

    • LOL! O:O

    • I search for "Maryland" every time I'm on GAG to see if she's posted.

      Believe me, I will delete that question on sight. No warning shot.

    • Thanks Belgie :) I'm glad to see someone is on top of that troll.

  • can you block mods? there's one who thinks he knows everything and I'm tired of him coming on my questions acting like he's a teacher!

  • yep a super moderator! those special people :)

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    • Oh whoah, that's badass

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    • ..I admit to ALMOST not checking a link because I was preoccupied with studying for midterms. That is hardly indicative of a pattern of abuse. I went into some detail explaining my own habits surrounding links, and you'll notice that I do routinely check them before deleting them (if they need to be deleted), and I let them stand if they're relevant.

      As for my avatar, you know you love it. Grow up, troll elsewhere.

    • need to take a joke, dood :P

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