Do you noticed that many of the QA on GaG don't like to listen to the truth?

and do you realized that you would get more downvotes if you are being honest on something.I just answered one of the girl question yesterday about how she got dumped by a player who treated her badly.She asked what can she do to get him back.I answered honestly saying she shouldn't think about getting back with tht guy as he wasn't a good guy for her.She said I'm being judgmental and downvote my answer.The funniest thing I got another 3 downvotes...what is wrong for being honest?


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    The Best Answer goes only to those who show empathy and don't care what kind of stupid sh*t the QA has done!

    The worst such situations are when girl asks why her boyfriend hit her but the thing she was constantly pushing him and looking for a fight doesn't matter!

    Any honest opinion gets downvoted!

    The same about drunk make-outs and then cries why he penetrated her! I'm serious!

    Everyone shows empathy without any objectivity, and so on, like they would have no brain of their own!

    Gotta tell MANY people lie a LOT on this site: especially about preferences, on ''do I look good" questions and so on... they sugarcoat like they are hunting for the Best Answer!

    If you judge the QA, of course no BA you know...

    • Yeah that's why many users have to be an ass kisser...most people are seeking for an approval.

    • The thing is you can do absolutely nothing with BA score.. I even asked a question do people care about their BA score - everyone said they don't care about it, but the real situation shows otherwise!

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  • O I get this all time time. I guess its because I don't sugar coat and I'm not very politcally correct. This is especially true when answering question that have a feminist undertone.

  • As has been said, 'People can't handle the truth.'


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  • People would prefer to get your approval on their stupid actions rather than to know the truth :)

    • If they don't want to listen to the truth or people opinion, they really should not join this site...

    • That's about the maority of people. They always seek approval, not knowledge, reality and truth.