Do you like the ads and stuff GirlsAskGuys added on the details section?

The tweets and the FB and other things they added on the details sections? If I touch it, does that means it's GOING TO DIRECT ME THERE? That already happens to me all the time by mistake with the big blue sign on the upper right hand corner twitter fb thing. I think that's just annoying and distracting. Who wants too look at 59 things when there trying to read details pertaining to a question? If your trying to read the details on the question asked. You have to look at it!

This will probably get me kicked off GaG, lmbo.

  • I think it belongs somewhere else on the page.
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  • I really like all the advertising.
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  • I really don't care.
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  • If I wanted FB I hit the BIG ASS blue sign that's on the upper right hand corner
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  • Other. Share your thoughts.
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