Likes/dislikes about GirlsAskGuys?

hey everyone,

what are your likes and dislikes about GirlsAskGuys?

what I like about GaG is that there's tons of friendly people on here to talk to, and lot's of great advice. I like the freedom to ask questions on whatever I'm curious about.

what I dislike about GaG is all the trolls, and haters on here. I hate the people who are constantly trolling questions, and finding every possibly way to criticize people. stop the hating, just be happy! :) life's too short to be a downer.

What about you?


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  • likes: some funny trolls.

    some of the people, they know who they are even if I've never told them.

    valuable life lessons that can be learned here from some wise people.

    people with a sense of humor, sarcastic or just dorky, I love it all.

    ...pretty girls hehe

    killing boredom. posting Q's.

    ... getting complements, I get them mostly here cause people are generally to shy to complement a stranger in person.

    giving complements and making people's days.

    being there for the people I care about on this site.

    that it helped me get over my ex.

    that it gave me hope for my future girlfriend, I know now that she's out there : )

    dislikes: some annoying trolls.

    immature users.

    heavily insecure people.

    how it can point out how sad some people really are... and that there might be nothing I can actually do to help them.

    that I have to sit in front of my computer most of the time I'm on(sometimes my ass,legs and shoulder hurts from sitting so long).

    meebo on crack.

    attention whores.

    not getting to meet any of you wonderful people.


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What Guys Said 5

  • I like that there is a lot more freedom of speech on this site compared to many others. I like a lot of people on here and I like asking and answering questions

    I dislike people that have to troll questions people are looking for serious responses for, and people who attack other anonymously

  • I like the many cool, and interesting people who are on GaG.

    I like how I can get advice on a lot of topic and usually it can be good if not great!

    It gives me fresh perspectives and new ideas all the time.

    There are a lot of very smart people on here

    There are some really funny people on here

    I don't like that many people are immature, and like to thumb down people for absolutely no reason (BA for example)

    People that take things personally

    Users that are here to try and get cyber sex.. ruins the reputation of the site.

    • YES, totally agree with the last one. people trying to get cyber sex. it's ridiculous.

  • Likes: being able to be a hater. Lol jk

    But seriously.

    I like talking to random people.

    Helping whoever I can help.

    Being hated on.

    Talking about my likes and dislikes of girls.

    Talking about music( my fav. If anyone would ever ask a damn question about it)

    Laughing at trolls who are too afraid to unanonymize their name.

    Dislikes- Being downvoted because people can't handle the truth.

    Being downvoted in general.

    Being hated on for my f***ing beliefs.

    Hearing people whine about how f***ed up their lives are.


    And my most hated. Christians

  • I like the open kind of many users. Some are really original, so the questions are interesting. Some Gagers have sense for humour and can give bonmots.

    I dislike, that are also banal, stupid, immature texts. But that`s life and it`s western kind too.

  • Trolls aren't too nice sometimes.


What Girls Said 1

  • I love the fact that we can all just honestly ask something. And have other girls or people of the opposite gender give you advice. Most of the time you get to see everything from different perspectives. Witch is a great way to make a decision.

    What I hate is when people ask questions, and then when they get opinions or so they get all defensive. Do not put your thoughts out there if you are not open to other peoples thinking.

    • absolutely, the most are not able to defend their opinions. For such I don`t have respect. I expect some arguments, of others don`t agree with aanyone. Else it`s weak and a little bit brainless.