Does Anyone Else Feel This Way?

I just want to show my gratitude, to anyone and everyone who has helped me on this website! It is greatly appreciated. My life had changed for the better because of all the help I've been given. Especially most recently. So if anyone feels like they're not helping, please just let me say that many have helped me.

If anyone else feels this way please comment below and show your gratitude. And if you feel comfortable doing so, say which questions you have had the best answers in!

I'll go first, I asked a question recently, about some guilty feelings I'd been having for dating other guys, even though I wasn't committed to anyone. I felt as if I belonged to someone else I'd never met, and was convinced I was crazy (okay, still am convinced a little.) Anyway, someone gave me some terrific advice and I am so grateful!

So anyone else with this appreciation please post below!


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  • I happened upon this site quite by accident. Serendipity! =)

    It was a long time ago, and I didn't really sign up for an account or anything. Out of curiosity, I browsed this website and discovered a few articles that were really helpful! And it seemed like people in general were hearing each other out and offering good advice.

    In person, I'm like one of those guys that people would go to when they need someone to talk to, someone who is intellectually... open-minded, tolerant, and also emotionally mature. But I'm only human; I know my limitations. Still, I like to counsel people to the best of my ability. I just gotta remind myself to be humble as I do it.

    When I reflect back on my life, I remember the people who have helped me in some way. I can't help but to feel compelled to return the favor.

    I like this site. But it's the people on this site that makes it interesting. I appreciate them as well. =)


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