I like the new Health section. Any feedback on it?

The only problem with it is so many people post questions asking for medical advice, and even if you were qualified to give that advice, you don't have nearly enough information. Aside from telling them to see a doctor there's no much you can tell them.


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  • This section imo is really useful, because people would ask ?'s about eating habits, personal diet, ?'s about certain foods/drinks, etc...

    ...and frankly there was no section for that. Therefore the health section did address that "gap" in the question asking on this site.

    However, I agree with "candlewax". This section is good to bounce ideas off of each other. I remember one ? a girl asked about how to eat healthy for cheap, and ppl, including myself, were useful for that. But this site is by NO MEANS a substitute for seeing a doctor or using a site like WebMD that has legitimate medical advice and information.


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  • I'll always be baffled by people who come here, of all places, to get diagnosed. It's one thing to get some sort of feedback or learn a bit more about what could be possibly going on or feedback on those who have used a certain medication. But there can be so much misinformation due to common myths, why would you hit up an advice forum? I've always been quite disturbed by some of the health answers I've seen on various forums. If I ever have any questions, I'm hitting up webmd or something a bit more legit. Not GAG or an advice forum. I'd think the only exception would be a forum specific to a condition. From there, you can get feedback from others with that specific condition.

    But to get a mystery illness diagnosed on GAG? Wtf is wrong with people's mental processes? Find a more legitimate site or, I dunno, GO TO THE DOCTOR.

    As for the health section itself, I'm growing tired of seeing "HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT FAST?" questions. Or anything related to working out and all the other obsessive posts about body image. Get creative, people, and maybe check older posts since the question is asked so much. :/

    • Yes, that's another question that should simply be blocked, with a referral to the myriad times it's already been answered!

    • It says someting about the ridiculously poor health care system in the USA.

  • I really like this section I guess because I do work in the health field so I feel like I can do some good but you are right there is generally not enough info and ultimately going to a persons doctor is the right answer for most things.

    • There's info. People are just to effing lazy to go look for it. They want people to tell them, as opposed to, *gasp* actually researching it themselves. However, I know not all have access to that info. But if they can get on GAG, they can go find the info themselves. They just want sit back and have the answers come to them is all. I've seen it elsewhere with other information. It's all laziness.

    • Almost all the questions on here could be looked up elsewhere. So I don't really see the big deal if they want to be lazy. And really no one should be getting their helath info from the web even the legtimate sites are not a substiute for a doctors visit.

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