Does anyone else think there needs to be a spot on Girlsaskguys that's more for venting/just stating thoughts?

I know I have a lot of questions on here that are more rants and vents than literal questions and I see a lot of questions like that. What if there was an actual section for it? You could still comment, but people wouldn't be wondering what you're really asking. I know there's the story/article area, but it doesn't seem enough...i don't know.


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  • that could be fun, the trolling could be epic too if done right.


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  • Yeah some sort of basically random section would be nice. It would still be monitored for underage stuff and insulting people, but other than that it would be nice. It would be really popular too.


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  • please no.

    • Why don't wouldn't you want it? Just curious.

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    • True, but this is also a site people feel comfortable on and might not want to leave just to find another site for a small thing.

    • they can always start up a blog and ask people on here to go read it.

  • No, I don't think that would be a good idea because the point of this site is to ask and answer questions. With people just ranting and venting, nothing conducive would happen.

  • you can contact GAG and share your suggestions, I say there should be a separate section for the DOES HE LIKE ME/DOES SHE LIKE ME? questions...there are so many!