GirlsAskGuys versus Real Life?

I don't know if it's just me who sees it this way or whatever.

We all have our insecurities be it something to do with our appearance or personalities.

However, I feel like certain topics on GaG are focused on heavily that it gets to the point where it's no longer comparable to real life.

For instance, ahem, the questions often asked by men in regards to "size"(I'M 17, YOU EITHER KNOW WHAT I MEAN OR DON'T) or when females ask questions about down below and preferences. Or makeup and how much the guys on here "hate" it. Or height, how much the guys(especially short ones) are focused heavily on it.

I mean, I know there are people who are genuinely insecure, but I think on GaG these topics are focused on more heavily than in real life.

For instance, I have a lot of guy friends and they can be quite open and honest about their preferences sometimes, but they usually only hit the obvious(butt, boobs, hips, leg size preferences), however even when talking about the reproductive act they don't talk about preferences down below.

Or how much they HATE makeup.

And the shorter guys I know are cool with their height. My female friends generally have their preferences but they've never allowed preferences to get in the way.

Do you think a lot of the things focused on girlsaskguys are really irrelevant to real life guys and girls?

I guess I think much of the attitude on here isn't comparable to those in real life...idk. Agree or no? I thumb everyone up btw


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  • I think a lot of the people you meet in real life don't have the same insecurities and that's why they aren't on a site like this.

    In my opinion, many of the same insecure questions we see here (because they're asked anonymously) are coming from the same people over and over again. They don't want help or advice. They want their fears to be confirmed and their prejudices against the opposite gender to be justified. They want to be told their failure with the opposite gender is due to something beyond their control, because if they accept that it isn't, then they have to do something about it.

    When it comes to things like makeup, it's true many guys hate it. Many guys don't care. But you don't see so many questions going "GIrls, seriously, stop with the make up". You will see the questions raised by the girls themselves. So guys will give their opinions. But in the real world, most girls wear make up to make themselves feel better or sexier. They don't necessarily care what guys think about make up. So yes, I think you're right that the issues on GAG don't matter in the real world. But the people asking the questions need to be convinced of that. And that's easier said than done.

    • I would give you best answer, but I believe I'd be perceived as a douchebag who's only giving it to you because you agree with me

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  • well GaG has made it easier for those to get answers in their personal lives answered by not one, but several people. We all have insecurities, guys talking about their gardening tools, girls comparing their bra sizes to others, height, weight, etc. The site GaG and real life is slowly merging as time progresses. People can post questions on sensitive topics and able to hide their identity. The constant repetition of these questions are getting very very annoying and repetitive to the point I don't even bother answering them anymore unless someone messages me for me to do so.

    Some of the bigger and interesting questions that get asked are things I tend to focus on mostly, most questions that talk about " does he like me? " is solvable within 1-2 sentences. Where on more delicate situations require true thinking and careful analysis. I said this before, mostly this site is developing groups out of insecurities to combat those who don't share the same. Bigger women attacking slimmer women, shorter guys attacking taller guys ( which is extremely rare because if that was in real life that would be sad to watch) ,etc. I try to personally remain out of it, but I don't like the idea of people fighting among themselves, I try to stop it with logic and reasoning BUT! that is just wishful thinking.

    • I definitely agree with your last part. What's acceptable online isn't necessarily acceptable in real life. The whole groups attacking other groups.

      But idk, I feel most people who hang out here do so for a reason, as opposed to people who don't.

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    • Yeah, I know. I personally feel what differentiates those who come on here often to express their insecurities and those in real life is that on here, insecurities are their sole focus.

      Not to mention the very common woman-hating as well as man-hating which goes on here. I know there are such people in real life, but on here it's rampant and I think because of that, they've isolated themselves to nothing but this website.

      I've received those messages also and I don't judge them at all.

    • hmmm I guess that saying that the internet and digital world is a way to escape reality and be yourself can be used here. oh well

  • Oh, I disagree. A lot of the stuff you see on here is eating away at the minds of guys everywhere but nobody talks about it in public. Guys have very few places or opportunity where they can actually express these emotions, desires, insecurities and whatnot.

  • Of course it isn't comparable to real life; this is the internet where any perceived insecurity, shortcoming or, conversely, advantage or endowment is blown up to the nth degree. I imagine this is on account of the perception that as you put it out there on the internet you cannot feel the repercussions in a real and tangible form-the internet serves as a parallel dimension and equally people can be flippant etc. given this.

    So-in terms of penis size for example-granted there is the obsessiveness about size and so on I cannot fathom that people would be so paralysed by concern in real life about what they have and would keep it to themselves-that is to say, the internet as a parallel dimension serves as means for them to air these concerns without being ridiculed or scolded in real life-or, thought of as weird by their peers.

  • Nope. I don't. I would say everything on here is relevant, but tends to be kept to themselves because it's easier to vent online. The views and opinions are still there, but not vocalized. You gotta realize that even though this is the internet it's still a bunch of real people.

    I mean people on here probably think I'm some super whiny loser who will die a virgin, never get a girl and has ridiculous insecurity/confidence issues, but if you didn't meet me online first you would never know I have the thoughts I do. In real life I just keep that bullsh*t to myself for some reason. I'm just a chill guy that everyone gets alone with.

    Also LOL at 17. That would be a burden.

    • I just notice the mentalities on here are quite different than the ones in real life. It's as if those with no experience and strong insecurities huddle here. I think that's why many people when answering, will compare it to those they know personally. Because the people they know, aren't likely to come on here and whine and complain about their insecurities without doing nothing about them

      I mean, I know we're all insecure, but I think people on here are more extreme than irl.

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    • You'd be surprised about how many people fake confidence haha

    • Well I give them props for being able to do that. lol

  • I think in reality no one wants to talk about or bring up insecurities, GAG is like an outlet for that

    • to elaborate, talking about your insecurities in reality would make you well... insecure and lacking confidence, which in turn would make your life worse.. so a lot of people put on fake faces to get by but deep down inside its different

      I know you said people in reality are different but that's WHY they're different, because if they weren't, then you would judge them like you do everyone on here

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    • I really don't wanna be rude though...I mean, the user and I already sort of got into it today or whatever so I'm surprised they answered my Q

    • message me ! lol

  • I don't want to be a d***, but why are you bringing this up?

    I think every genuine question is asked by someone with genuine concern/curiosity.

    • Because it's an observation and a thought that has been lingering around the more I become observant.

      The mentality, the condescending attitudes, the "I'm above everyone else"attitude.

      It was just a thought. If you didn't like my question you really didn't have to read it

    • I read the title and was curious, and then I read the info, I just am not sure why you're surprised.

      In real life, no one wants to discuss it, because human are judgmental a**holes, but on the Internet, you can voice your concerns with as much anonymity as you want, and get honest (sometimes) opinions.

      So they focus on it in real life they just don't bring it up.

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  • We are asking questions what do you expect? When girls ask, guys do you like our makeup, any at all, natural, etc? What do you expect? Yes, there will be the truthful answers, the lies, or whatever, but it's not like they are openly going out and saying of their hatred of makeup. It's in a question, and when you ask a question, it attract certain people that want to answer. You know that the views on here are limited sometimes, so you shouldn't take them to heart. Yes, we know that dozens and dozens of boys have girls as cake faces that doesn't necessarily mean they like it though or even care.

    Also, just because your guy friends don't talk about the grooming down yonder while you're around, what makes you think they don't discuss it when you aren't around? They probably have, and if they haven't, well it's probably not a big deal to them. You never know. The same with makeup. Not everyone in real life is honest either always. People don't want to hurt other peoples feelings. More so in real life.

    Yes, there are topics that are highly focused on. There always will be.

    • lol, I probably didn't answer the question. ohhh well.

    • I agree, but the extent to which a majority of the users on here take these topics is ridiculous. I mean, they go above and beyond just asking questions about these topics.

      I agree, when questions pertaining to the topics are asked, of course you're going to get answers PERTAINING to the subject and that's good(it shows people can actually answer) however the extent that the guys on here go to.

      I had one guy on here tell me that women who wear makeup don't get married. Seriously?

    • It's probably because those are the questions everyone is thinking but don't want to say. I hate to say that it, but a lot is based on appearances nowadays.

      ...Really? Now that's a little excessive and idiotic? lol, I know it's been said and said time again, but some girls can apply it really well.

  • Well, this is a questioning site, so why ask questions about things that people are already comfortable about? I'm sure even your friends might have different things they wonder about that they could ask on here. The idea is, people ask questions all the time, but only those that others find interesting get a lot of answers, so I don't think reality is very much different from this.

  • It's not that it's irrelevant, but you have to think about the type of people this site tends to attract. This site is basically made for those with insecurities. I never realized how much guys focused on their penis size before this site, and I never realized how many girls don't like approaching guys.

    Where I live most guys are confident (or at least pretend to be), and they will never talk about being insecure about their d*** size. On the contrary, they all brag about it being big (they probably brag about because they're insecure though, right?). And the girls here don't mind approaching guys, it's pretty much the norm.

    It kind of use to blow my mind how different people are on this site than the people I'm around in real life.

    • Exactly-It's fodder for them to act out all these insecurities

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    • it's a bit opposite for me. All the people around me in real life tend to be the same, while on here there are more diverse personalities. Yea, a lot of the problems are the same, but the people are different.

    • I think it goes both ways- you get some who are essentially the same in terms of their perceived issues- being too short/tall, fat/thin, small/large (in endowment) and others who under internet anonymity so to speak can act out and be more true to themselves.

  • I agree completely that most people on GAG give way more f***s about sh*t that people in real life never talk about or stuff doesn't even probably register on their radars. :/ Like cellulite, stretchmarks, etc. for chicks and muscles for dudes.

    People on GAG are way more condescending than people in real life too. In real life, most people don't have nearly as many 'deal breakers' as people on here. Here, you have to be a virgin who doesn't smoke, do drugs, shaves their vagina completely, etc. etc. etc. -_-

    • Ohh and on GAG, if you're a girl who likes a guy to pay for dates you're a gold digger and expecting too much.

    • And if you're a girl who expects a guy to have a personality, you're a superficial biatch

    • Yup.