Does anybody know the GirlsAskGuys policy on IP banning users?

The same user seems to keep coming back, and we've gotten familiar. I know it's the same guy because he blocks me then leaves bogus/flame comments under my answers. He also accuses me of stupid things and it's annoying.

Is there a line he has to cross? I know the panty troll and cruise girl eventually got "filtered out". I'm just wondering what their policy is.


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  • Welll uhhh I don't know why I know this but... >.>

    They delete the account within 24 hours of it being made. So say my ip was tracked, they would see if I made other accounts and delete them around 6 am every morning...

    • Hmmm... so there's a big enough time window where they can come back as if they never left. Meh, so annoying. I should stop being baited.

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  • Yes, it is quite impossible. I haven't seen anyone stop this...idk about the rules...but people are definitely circling through them.

    I thank goodness I don't have "followers"

  • I know, I have the same problem. His FarceMegan account was fun!


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  • They ban people's IP address? Is that what usually happen or do they only do it if someone trolls enough?

    • Well they did it to this paedo guy once, most the time they don't do it.

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    • They ban IP's if they feel they have a good reason too such as someone making multiple accounts.

    • Alright, thanks Kain.

  • I don't know how well it works. I think people IP's are reset every so often so. I might have been IP banned once. Who is this 'cruise girl' everyone mentions?

    • The question usually leads with "so me and this guy met on a cruise" and its a long paragraph. it seems innocent, except it was asked like 6 times a day and posted on various sites.

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