What are some things you wish GirlsAskGuys would fix?

things they should add, things they should get rid of?

things they should change?

i think they should give us a notice when someone replies after you've commented on their answer. I hate having to go back and check just in case they did.

I'd like to be allowed more than just 6 pics cause I have lots of pics I'd like to post for my friends to see here.

it'd be coo if we could nominate interesting Q's to be featured, instead of having to pay points for it.

and I'd love if our answers and Q's could be organized into sections; like a section for all the answers in the other category, or the behavior category. a section for only Q's posted under the other category or dating and such. that would make it much easier to go back and look through them...

i have a few more but eh...

what about you GAG users?

also the ability to delete your own Q or answer would be bombdigity!


Most Helpful Girl

  • -There should be an automatic warning that the QA has blocked you when you click on the question rather than users typing out a well thought out answer only to be shown the "You have been blocked by this user" in red letter and users rating the questions beforehand.

    -Have a disable option for older questions which would prevent new answers. If the QA became annoyed with constant new answers from a Q asked a year ago, they could just not allow new answers

    -Perhaps have option to disable the "Following" option. I see not point in it and while I do have people following me, I think if they were truly interested in my Q's and A's they'd be on my friends list. Not to mention the one mod who keeps attaching himself to me is annoying.

    • daam, I should have thought of all those...

      dam your intelligence!

      haha yeah none of my followers ever even answer my Q's haha

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    • nope. just some guy trollin me.

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What Girls Said 4

  • I don't know if it's just me or my computer, but when ever I try to highlight everything I type in the answer box, it won't allow me to. I find it rather annoying when I want to delete a big section of what I wrote to revise it, I have to hold down the backspace button for years.

    Do rating questions do anything? (like the little stars at the top)

    The QA should be able to delete answers or block answerers from re-answering or commenting on another question.

    • yeah its the site, it does that to me too.

      and I like that one.

  • The anonymous option has complications.

    Also I agree with all the stuff you said.

    • haha I wouldn't know about that. I've never answered or posted a Q as anom.

      and coo, you better agree, Muff, or I'll eat your ass.

    • LOL, Abe...

      I mean I never go anoymous...but It seems like they have the power to block and cause issues...but we non anons can't retaliate.

    • yeah haha

      at least we can block them now haha

  • Getting upvoted now no longer gives you points. I seriously think they should have just left that alone, or at least lower the amount of points to redeem stuff back to what it was a few weeks ago.

    • the second thing is done due to an increase in users. they could lose lots of money if they didn't do that.

      plus its almost free money for us anyway, at least they pay us haha

    • I see your point. I still don't like it, though. :P

    • haha no one does.

  • i feel we should be able to ask more than 2 questions. When you reach a certain level, say 7 or so, you should be able to ask more questions

    • i can ask 2 Q's within a 6 hour period, after that, I can't post anymore, I have to wait 6 hours.

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    • they have no trust in us

    • haha they have a good reason not to with all the trolls on this site.

What Guys Said 3

  • I've said it once and I'll say it again. I'd like to get a notification as to when I comment on somebody's answer and they comment to my comment instead of having to go back and check if they've commented or not. I don't know why they haven't fixed that.

  • That our answers would stop appearing as having been commented on/rated when the question has simply been updated. Don't care much for 'em.

  • Discriminatory & prejudicial attitude...cavalier summary judgement

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