Did GirlsAskGuys change your views on anything? or confirmed?

Did GAG change your views on anything? or made a big impact on any of your decisions?


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  • Yes.

    I joined this GAG having some relationship problems with my now 'ex' and I ended up leaving him. I met awesome people here, with Enchanted_x3 being the one that helped me the most. This girl has literally changed my life. I would have been married to this jerk by now which would have been the biggest mistake ever. He was very emotionally abusive, controlling, narcissistic and whatnot, and I was in denial. She helped me immensely and never gave up on me. I also learned more about men's behavior in general and in relationships. I understood what abuse was and whatnot. I left him months ago and I'm very happy I did it.

    I also learned that some guys are shy and would push you away even though they really like you. I also knew that many people have 'fear of rejection' which I never really knew because I don't function that way. I learned a lot about people's behavior in general.

    I'm still learning :)


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