How do I become a Mod?

Like I have always wondered how to become one so somebody tell me how. plz


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    When moderating, one of the most ubiquitous questions pertaining to GirlsAskGuys is “How can I become a moderator?” Although it’s not hard to become one, the GirlsAskGuys team is fairly selective when choosing who qualifies to become a moderator. If you have demonstrated qualities that GirlsAskGuys seeks, chances are you are a good fit for becoming a moderator on GirlsAskGuys….

    #1 – Log in daily and use GirlsAskGuys frequently. You don’t have to log in every hour, however, we do like users who frequent the site at least once a day.

    #2 – Ask and answer – a lot. We like to see users who are thoroughly engaged in GirlsAskGuys. While we don’t really have a requirement for a user to reach a particular Xper level to become a moderator, we do like to see people ask questions as well as give advice frequently. The more you ask and answer the better your chances are of becoming a moderator.

    #3 – Provide quality answers and questions. Don’t only ask and answer questions just to ask and answer – make sure you ask good questions and provide quality answers. For example, when answering a question don’t simply give a one-word or a one-sentence response. Elaborate on your answer and make sure it is helpful, insightful and easily understandable. Similarly, when asking questions, make sure it is valuable, interesting, and grammatically correct.

    #4 – Contact us with advice or to report something that we missed. Our website isn’t perfect and we can always use pointers to improve it. Take action, to make it better. Report a question, a user, or an answer if it doesn’t fit our guidelines.

    #5 – Get involved! Write stories, share your expertise, and become familiar with GirlsAskGuys. The more you immerse yourself in GirlsAskGuys the more likely it is for you to become a moderator.

    #6 – Last but not least, be objective. We know that you have your opinions, your views and your beliefs. Even then, you can still voice those values to someone without making it personal, or being offensive.

    If you have these qualities and are interested in becoming a moderator, contact us and let us know. We are always looking for good, and willing users who will help GirlsAskGuys grow and become better."

    • lol I give a direct answer from the admins of this website and get a thumbs down. Stupid people on this website.

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    • You know that GAG is not a charity site, yes? The reason we can log on for free is because they get revenue from advertisements that pop up every time a user log on. You know that, right? Just like Google. But for you to police this site on their behalf, I think you should get paid because you are keeping things in order here for them. Just like the police in the real world. They get paid by the city to keep things in order.

    • whistling_dixie makes a good point, people are profiting while mods and supermods keep things 'clean' for advertising revenue.

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  • I doubt they pick people who are under 18 to be mods.

    • More like we mods are expected to clean up certain types of posts, including those that are sexually explicit -- specifically so that kids and their parents don't complain about content on GAG. We need to keep the site clean or advertisers and search engines will label us 18+. Which is not good for business. You can hardly commission a 16-year-old to do that without lifting a few eyebrows.

  • Read away - link

  • Contact admin and express interest. Log in each day. Ask/answer questions, etc.


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  • go to contact us page

    click subject as "other"

    tell them your interested in becoming a mod

    they will email you on the email you use for GAG :)

    hope this helps!