My popular question was removed by admin.. Mods please explain why?

the reason given was that was common! Somehow I am not buying it. One thing we do on GAG is to ask questions of repetitive nature.

I asked "how did you stumble upon GAG?" #(550695) . It became popular and fun. nothing vulgar or otherwise inappropriate. I don't understand. :/

Any mods out there can shed some light on the matter?

It is really discouraging.. Thank you

Update I looked it up and there were 6 similar questions. Most recent one asked 5 months ago.

Besides how many questions do you see about does "this guy/girl like me"?

Sorry I am venting and very frustrated. It still makes no sense.


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  • I'm an ex-mod, and if it was asked much more than once, they'll remove it to free up space or something. New guidelines that were laid down not so long ago before I relinquished the mod status if I remember correctly.


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  • No questions! Just March!


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  • 1) It's been asked a million times & girlsaskguys is all of a sudden trying to rid the site of repeated questions

    2) Unless a moderator deleted it, the mods will probably be just as confused as you are

    3) They like to pick and choose when they delete repetitive sh*t.

    • Cleaning out repetitive questions will wipe out 80% of all questions here lol. Beside it was a poplar 5 star questions and users were having good clean fun with it. So it can't be that bad.

      I see your point however. Very frustrating and discouraging tho.

    • @jacquesvol.. 6 similar questions and most recent ones asked 5 months ago.

      I thank you for your reply however.

  • The ability to remove a question because it's "common" isn't an option for us mods so it must've been for another reason. Your question should've remained; it wasn't breaking any rules but you should contact an admin personally to get a more detailed answer.

  • We have made certain changes to Girlsaskguys recently. There are certain questions which are repeated that we are not allowing anymore. One of these is "how did you find gag". If you search this question you can find the answers you are looking for. Hope this helps.

    • Could a list of those "no longer allowed" questions be made available to the users? Perhaps on a blog entry?

    • yes an excellent idea.

    • That is an excellent idea indeed!

  • Someone is screwing up, either the supermods or the admin. Many questions have been removed when they didn't violate any of the rules. I heard even a question about users' weight was removed. It's really unfair, and if it's the supermods who are deleting these questions then maybe we should reconsider having them or the admin should reevaluate some of the people they assigned that position.

  • It's a repeated, common question, yes with good fun, but probably didn't add much value to what the admins want of the website. It's best you send the admins a message about this if you are still unhappy about it. They have been quite strict with the repeated questions recently, but hopefully consistent across all users. Sorry that you are unhappy.

    • As I suggest, it's best you let the admins know about this. As much as I would like to solve your problem, I can't. I too was unhappy with something that the admins do, and I can get why you are venting, but it's not going to go anywhere unless you do something the REALLY solves the problem. If all is said and done and you are unhappy, the only option is to leave this website.

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