What do you think about anonymous question askers?

Just curious. I don't see why so many get irritated by it.

To me it's just to inhibit any in-appropriate judgement to a person, because most people on here seem to speak before they think, and when I've asked them to justify what they've said, they merely say they spoke wrong, and meant different to what they first answered.

But that's why I ask anonymous questions, either to substitute any bias of an answer towards my character, or more usually to evade in-appropriate primal judgement which then que's unnecessary insults and, from what I've experienced, increases other user's to conform and show this in-appropriate behavior too.

It's unnecessary, everyone has a right to ask their own questions. I just don't understand what fuel's a person to criticize someone for that, or just behave in-appropriately just to beat down on a QA, who is only asking a question out of their concern or curiosity.

But mostly, it's because people judge people on what ever sources are present to judge, even though they may not understand the source, or the QA, from which the source has come from. Hence why they may judge in-accurately or in-appropriately, and cause the QA unnecessary distress from an ignorant half thought out, half understood, face value judgement.

Anyway, if you bothered to read all that, hopefully you understand my point of view. I'm just curious to see any other views, for or against anonymous questions, justified answers though, not mere ignorant opinions. And or on anything I've brought up, or just anything you deem relevant to the subject.

Thank you for your patience and answers... :)


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  • I think they ask some, honest question, they don't want anyone to know who they are that's why they go anon.

    because they think it's embarrassing to ask or answer.

    btw I almost never go anon I asked 2 questions anon-style, and I think answered 10 anon.

    but that's because I want to keep somethings a secret, it's nothing important to anyone besides my self.

    • Well I respect that. As should everyone else. lol, don't worry it's not an abusive question to those anonymous peeps. It's the opposite. Addressing those who hate on anonymous answerers, who seem to full fill some sense of social acceptance by doing so, needlessly and in-sensitively addressing the QA or Answerer for that matter, in a hurtful fashion. It's so very shallow in my opinion. I hope you never engage in this behavior. You seem a much more noble character.

    • thanks I appreciate, the comment, it makes me feel good hearing that :)

    • Your very welcome :) ... I appreciate character's like you that exist.

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  • Its really not that big of a deal. I ask many of my questions anonymously. Its just when people use the anonymous option to troll is when I have a problem with it.

    • Hmmm, yes maybe. But everyone has different idea's of trolling' Many, most of which even, are very in-accurate. But, I hope that opinion of which you stated goes for most of peoples anonymous questions, and little accusations of trolling.

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