Why are trolling questions answered more than real ones?

I see countless questions that are considered "trolling" but I see countless number of answers on them as opposed to real questions. Some real questions can get lengthy I understand that but at least it's better than "I want to go have sex with my mom so I can get her pregnant with my illegitimate son", right? I mean can't you just take a couple minutes of your time to answer real questions instead of the fake trolling ones?

Side note: I've also noticed that GAG is a popularity contest. Why is it that some users get more answers, more than others


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  • It is because serious questions need more time to think and mostly long explanation to make the QA understand.Another reason is people avoid reading the long details of the serious questions.

    Trolling questions usually don't required long answers as people who answer also might have the same intention O_o


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  • trolling questions are more entertaining.


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  • well for one itis easier to answer those things

    there is less fear of hurting someone more, you know in case someone goes out and takes the advice of an internet dweller on personal things

    They're fun as s***

    Because Tony Jay says so andwhatever that magnificent voice says

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