I'm new to GaG? Can you briefly tell me things about this site?

the question is clear enough thanks for the answers from now?

and what do you tell someone when there signed up new in this site?


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  • One thing I can tell you is that people may respect you more if you can be bothered to write out things out properly.

    Im new --> I'm new

    can you'se --> Can you

    use of overly generic 'things' is to be discouraged unless it is employed to comic effect

    general capitalization issues

    The question is not at all clear, it's entirely vague and overly-general. Are you being intentionally dense?

    What do you tell someone when they're signed up new in this site? You tell them to get lost if they can't be bothered to communicate sensibly and in plain English.


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  • This site is great and def. a way to kill time if you have nothing better to do!


    It's fun and entertaining, and can be helpful at times when you are need of advice.

    If you like helping people...this is also the place to be.

    Gain Xper points and possibly win prizes for doing something that you like!

    Can't get any cooler than that!

  • you ask questions, give answers


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  • Don't creep on people, don't ask about your penis or how we would rate your looks because we don't care, don't get too uptight because there are in fact *gasp* different opinions on here. Otherwise, just ask and answer questions, make friends, whatever.

  • We're just a bunch of crackwhores who think we know a thing or two about this thing, and that thing. Y'know..things that you's used to.

  • From time to time you will find a good question, sometimes you will find a good answer.

    Have a skin like a rhino or a crocodile and then all is ok.