GirlsAskGuys Members' Choice Moderator?

Is there a member that you feel really exemplifies the qualities of a GirlsAskGuys moderator?

- Someone who offers sound and quality advice

- Someone who is fair

- Someone who keeps their composure during debates and discussions

- Someone who is respected by other users

Let us know, and we will announce a "Members' Choice" Moderator!

(List names below)

*All negative commentary will be removed and not considered

Wow - thanks for your votes!

We have chosen the Members' Choice Moderator, and will announce it soon! If you were nominated as a moderator, but are not selected as the Members' Choice mod, please contact us. We will look into your postings, log ins, xper, and history, and consider it in the next round of selecting moderators.

Thank you, everyone!
The winner is...

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I might be down voted for this but I think I could make a great moderator.

    I am a caring person who will be keep all of your interest to heart

    I like to have a good healthy debate but will always keep within boundaries

    I will never remove a question just because I don't like it or someone is out to target you

    I might get frustrated and disagree with you but I will always respect you

    I'm not perfect and make mistakes I'm not going to make promise's I can't keep, I can't make things perfect and I can't please everyone but I can try and try I will do


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  • knowmeyourself, dreamtime, selfishstars, cun7n1nja, kheserthorpe, fascination_streak, Brando. they're the only people I know who I feel who should be moderators who aren't already. others like FierceMegan and slipslender exemplify most of the qualities, but too frequently post joke answers to questions.

    if I had to choose just one of them I would probably have to say selfishstars based entirely on how much detail she puts into all of her content, but really I think they all should be.

    • There is a reason I joke sometimes. I think laughter is the key to make people feel better. A lot of people on this site are so sad because of their issues. I believe the remedy to help people is first listen, then sympathize, then give advice, and then make them laugh. Laughter heals the soul I believe, and I have read the GaG Blog a few times and no where in their "How To Become a Moderator" post did they say not to joke. If I knew that was stopping me from becoming a mod I would have stopped.

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    • While I appreciate the sentiment, I'm not too active these days nor believe I'd be suited for a moderator position ^_-

      I fully support the idea of selfishstars as a moderator =)

    • PSS: You actually cheered me up after having a crappy day and checking gag for the first time in a while :O


  • I guess based on all the nominations and discussions. I guess top 4 are





    The downvotes may be from the people, who might had some arguments with those people. and these people give good answers. But if I have to chose one, I would say FierceMegan, because she herself showed interest to be a moderator among all 4 members. So I would recommend her. and that is totally an unbiased recommendation. because neither of the is my friend and I don't know any of them at personal level.

    • Yes...all four are good nominees...and your answer is well presented...

  • Selfishstars is absolutely the best the choice she never gives advice without thinking it through and putting time and effort into each answer she is the BEST Choice for moderator and it would be a mistake on your part not make her one

    Brando is a great choice for moderator as well maybe not as good of a choice as selfishstars but he is a respected member of this community same as selfishstars and attempts to give quality advice when he answers a question

    If you disagree with my choices based on these users answering with a "silly" answer occasionally I say who doesn't answer sarcastically or with fun in mind? The only person I could think of is Belgie and that's cause he's scary - true fact

  • I went through and read over each response carefully. I didn't see my name once. It seems after two years I'm no more well known then the day I got here. I take it that means I'm doing my job because the people who have been helped by me have left already having had all their problems solved :D

    I nominate knowmeyourself

    • I noticed a few of your answers in the past few days and really liked them, actually. I shall nominate you right NOW. :D

    • I honorably denominate myself in order to give others a fighting chance. I'm not active enough anyways.

      I see people like LenoLove, FierceMegan, and even you tohrment, and remember you all when you were a few hundred points. How fast they grow up. haha

      I'm here in the background and content. It's like my own giant sociology study. Just would have been nice to see my name is all.

  • dIO_oIb For sure

  • I want to second the recommendation for Fierce Megan.

    When she writes long answers, they're good. I've always found her fair. And even when accused of trolling, I've never seen her lose her cool.

  • Brando ; This guy is all of the above and more, a guy I can relate to and agree with frequently... I remember a while ago we'd answer the same questions, hit enter within minutes of each other and pretty much have the exact same response and view on things... it was scary as hell!

    He gives people options which I believe is important when it comes to helping people on this site aswell as most of the time, there's multiple answers that are viable which is something I didn't find in a lot of the other people that have been named thusfar.

    Selfishstars, been around for a long time now. Gives rock solid advice and even helped me frequently when I had some questions. I doubt I should have to elaborate on her as anyone who is here frequently and has been for the past year, has at least noticed that much or should have anyway.

  • I think FierceMegan would be a great choice. She never seems to take sides and always maintains composure, even when I know she's upset. She has a few haters now and then, but besides those guys, she is well-respected.

    I'm kind of surprised dIO_oIb isn't a moderator yet. She's definitely what you're looking for.

    AltTech would be a great choice. I don't think anyone hates him, and he maintains composure, with a hint of testosterone.

    Brando fits the bill perfectly, and he seems to be on GaG enough to be an excellent addition to your team.

  • kheserthorpe or knowmeyourself would be my two top picks

  • I'll go with FierceMegan just to make it near official.

    She's not the type to let you down, not that I know her THAT much.

  • That's a tough one. A lot of the users with those qualities are already Moderators.

    Perhaps knowmeyourself?

    -She definitely offers sound advice, as can be seen from her best answer rating and written articles.

    -She's fair.

    -I have yet to see her lose her cool during a debate/discussion.

    -She is very well liked by a lot of other users.

  • Tohrment.

    I talk to her a lot and her level of intelligence, clear and critical thinking, her ability to remain extremely open minded, her logical process, her unbiased nature, and her actual knowledge on things is very impressive. I feel she is definitely a top choice for what you described above.

  • I though my name was going to be here...i guess not hahaha...Is it possible to get my moderator status back? lol. I guess I don't have to vote anymore and its very obvious who should be a moderator...Although I should advice you guys, you should really made a moderator of somebody who actually asks DATING related questions, there is a lot of useless questions asked in here by some of these so called experts, that have nothing to do with dating. I often see the main page of this webcite with questions that have nothing to do with dating and relationships.

  • Enchantedx3 keeps her cool, is considerate and thoughtful, and I think she's widely respected and liked, though in the end I can only speak for myself.

    Oh and is cun7ninja a mod -- didn't realize that. In that case I've never seen her speak harshly or unfairly, and she's usually got something interesting to say, and judging from below she's well-liked by the community.

    • Enchanted_x3 is already a super moderator :)

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    • Thanks Cj. =D <3

    • Right.

      Well... I'm tired of arguing so I'll just leave things there.

  • On the girls' side: FierceMegan and knowmeyourself.

    On the guys' side: AltTech and WaitingAtTheDoor.

  • selfishstars

    Everyone else I thought of is already a moderator.

    • re-read the question, it's not about becoming moderator, it's about becoming Member's Choice

  • no love for carelesswhisper. I'll go cun71ninja

  • Definity Knowmeyourself.

    -Offers mind reading advice, that I can relate to!...(plus (+))

    -She is definity fair in her answers, by being truthful about her past experiences, and not misleading!...(plus)

    -Oh yeah, she keeps her "I agree and never says anyone is wrong" attitude in her debates; which makes me really respect her!...(plus)

    -Yeah, I think she is well respected by other viewers, because every time I look at her questions or answers they are always upvoted or rated 5 stars!...(plus)

    So add up all of the pluses, believe me you have a SUPER MODERATOR!

    So guys, if you chose my girl Knowmeyourself, I will be the happiest guy off this website; and would probably do a blackflip!

    Good luck in your decision, and I will respect it;

    And most of all, may the best person win.

  • How about some people that give great answers and weren't even mentioned? Say like, Lena Love, Curiouschica, and Phoenix1991, possibly Deft_Maiden? Everyone of them gives really good answers, ask interesting questions, and the like. The list can go on-

    • All those people you mentioned are well respected by me. Plus 1!

    • Lol, I was actually made a moderator last week, but I requested to be made a regular member again. I appreciate the recommendation, though.

  • Knowmeyourself, AltTech, Cun7n1nja, Stevo2, dlO_olb. Those are probably more than you asked for but they all give good answers and advise. At least in my opinion.

  • Bobair has made an impression with some well written helpful answers.

    • He's not very active.

    • Funny, I didn't see "Must be active" as one of the criteria in the original post.

      God bless your eyesight.

    • Log ins is a requirement. London even said it in her comment. Moderators are active users. I didn't pull that out of thin air.

  • I don't know anyone who's put as much effort into GaG as far as watching how questions/answers/comments develop and usually stays fairly neutral in petty disputes. She's a good choice.

  • kheserthorpe, FierceMegan, tohrment, LenaLove, curiouschica

    There's others that I would consider nominating but I haven't seen enough of them to make a decision

  • Chuck Testa

  • Green clarinet man

  • I think enchaned is good she seems nice and does a good job

  • knowmeyourself hands down

    and slipslender

  • Tohrment Goflipaburger and knowmeyourself.

    Oh and me. :-P

  • None so far.All are flawed.

    (My 5 accounts got suspended in a year,still figuring out why...very biased and unfair judgement)

    I propose my name for the post...let me assure you all, a fair flawless management.

  • easy DianaDDreamer

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What Girls Said 23

  • tohrment. There are several others I would recommend, but I really really recommend her. Not only does she meet all the qualities above, she is personable, friendly, educated, and is just awesome. My highest vote goes to her.

    There are a handful of people I'd also recommend, like:

    kheserthorpe: He's very understanding most of the time, he's open, and not overly defensive

    knowmeyourself: She has very interesting outlooks, is positive, is fair, understanding and is kind

    selfishstars: Spends a lot of time on responses, very open-minded, fair and reasonable

    sa320e (I think that's his username): He puts so much thought into his responses, he has a very inspiring outlook on things

    cun7n1nja: just very understanding, gives good perspective, thoughtful

    FierceMegan: kind, is personable, understanding, provides interesting perspective

    • Yes..ALL of these candidates are excellent..don't really know sa320e but have no complaints..and all the others are excellent...demonstrating goflipmeoff's outstanding judgement Once Again! (:

    • hahah thank you :D

    • tohrment ftw! =)

  • Selfishstars- Selfishstars is an EXTREMELY, well respected user on here. Her answers are always very thorough, well thought out, she gives good quality advice. She handles disputes very maturely and is open minded, so she hardly ever gets into disputes. She should have been a moderator a long time ago. She's very logical and objective; that's why so many people admire her and her answers.

    FierceMegan- Well respected, gives good advice, knows when to kid around and for the most part I think the girlsaskguys community enjoys having her around. She's not one to argue or be rude or disrespectful.

    knowmeyourself- Everyone likes her and she's very non biased and fair. I think she's be a good supermod. She could keep the peace around here.

    MrOracle- He's older, more mature, gives a great perspective from a different generation. He's very logical and objective

  • Knowmeyourself,FierceMegan,cun71ninja,tohrment.

  • I think selfishstars, Brando, and cun7n1nja would all be excellent moderators. They give very fair, insightful and knowledgeable answers. I would definitely trust their judgement.

  • I really love reading selfishstars, cun7n1nja, kheserthorpe & torhment's answers. They're one of those active users who can present logical, interesting and mostly unbiased advice, without getting sucked into the vortex of PR on GaG.

  • Honestly, I would really like to become a moderator. I have inquired a several times.

    Besides myself I think:






    • Evangelina would never work as a moderator. She doesn't keep her cool and is very biased.

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    • LOL! We shall see. =)

    • Evangelina wouldn't work..I have to agree...anyway...I think you would be a GREAT mod! <333

  • knowmeyourself, tohrment, fiercemegan, or selfishstars.

    They always have good answers.

  • Is Slipslender already a moderator? If not then I pick her

    • LOL. ahahahaahhahhahahaa. I love the downvotes... I would absolutely SUCK as a moderator. :p but thanks for the vote of confidence :D

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    • aww I love slipslender

    • Slippy should be super-mod and Enchanted should be stripped of rank.

  • Evangelina




  • Knowmeyourself she is a good person.

    • 9? Why why why why why why why all that hate?Hate or jealousy HUH? she gives gd advices,she is nice,she doesn't insult others and she is honest and trustworthy(Fair) Why all that hate? 9 Gun shots on your faces.

  • Super Mods:

    Prof Don.


    Weapon Zero

    Zombie food

    Enchanted X3


    Stveo 2



  • Guys: Brando

    Girls: FierceMegan

  • Weapon Zero - he is polite, very fair, and wants to do good for the GaG community. He is very rational, smart and offers great advice as well has holding a strong argument with excellent facts to back up his reasons. I have not heard a complaint about him.

    • He's already a super mod though

    • Ah that was lame to say but I will not reanswer. I will have to say, knowmeyourself, FierceMegan, or dudeman, and Brando haha. They are all really great users that are smart haha.

    • That's because those that wanted to complain, never came forward.

  • FierceMegan, AltTech, Godfather!

  • tohrment. I feel that she is not only incredibly insightful, but remains objective when debating with other GaG members (i.e., doesn't use personal attacks). I think she would make an awesome moderator.

    • Also, "selfishstars", for the same reasons everyone else has already mentioned.

  • InquisitiveMale because he seemed to really seem worthy ;)

  • I noticed that people pick only one member. I didn't know I should do that. So, if I have to choose one, it's definitely tohrment.

    Tohrment is not only incredibly insightful but is also intelligent, cultured, friendly, very open-minded, extremely fair, doesn't lose her cool during debates and discussions and is definitely well respected by a lot of users here (as you can see from the nominations). She also asks thought-provoking questions and gives very sound and quality advice.

    All in all, I think she is the best choice regarding the qualifications you described and therefore I highly recommend her.

  • knowmeyourself

  • I vote for selfishstars. I do not suggest fiercemegan as a moderator like what the other anonymous girl suggested - Sorry love. I know you are cool but I don't think you make a good enough candidate compared to others. Contrary to popular nomination, I also don't suggest knowmeyourself either - Sorry love. You've been nice and kind but I see selfishstars as a better candidate. Main minus point from her is most of her recent questions have been taken from TOEFL or IELTS essay exam practice questions, it lacks the originality and gives the false impression that those are were self-thought, thought-provoking questions (if you guys don't believe it google it). I value originality in girlsaskguys and I wish that can be exemplified from the moderators themselves. I also seek for a more well-rounded moderator as well.

    • You were totally right about that :) I was studying for the TOEFL exam weeks ago and I came across questions that were very intestesting and controversial, in my opinion. I definitely wanted to get people's insight to such questions. As you said most of my "recent" questions which is true but I have more than 400 other questions that were mine and are original :)

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    • @YouMissMe: I gave who I DO want and DON'T want. I answered DO first, don't as an opinion. I respectfully gave my opinion to her, she took it and I accept her opinion. Either take it or leave it. Sarcasm doesn't work.

    • @knowmeyourself: I disagree with your opinion, but I'm willing to accept it.

  • sixstring.

    He's a kind helper, he doesn't lose his cool when involved in a debate, he gives some good insights and knowledge, and he's definitely respected by a number of users here.

  • I second most of what InquisitiveMale have said since I've been a member of this website longer than him, APART from his nomination.

    I nominate selfishstars.


    1) She satisfies all the requirements that you've set out on your question.

    2) Additionally, she is the longest active member out of all the members who have been nominated. She would know this website far better than anyone who has been nominated here.

    3) She's non-biased, fair, just, and definitely not involved in any politics or popularity issues that has been raised here. Having been involved in gag for more than 2 years, we are in need of a fairly intelligent and independent moderator who does not have any affiliation or cliques with any users here for the good of gag.

    I would be tremendously surprised (and disappointed) if she does not win this title. She should and she needs to win this for all the right reasons.

  • knowmeyourself

    I don't know why she isn't a mod already. :> She's diplomatic, kind and asks thought provoking questions and posts beautiful and insightful answers.

  • tohrment, Brando, Kheserthorpe, TwistedLogic, fascination_streak, ****7n1nja.