Has anyone here ever tried to stalk an anonymous user on GaG?

Ha ha.I know My question is silly but just asking for fun!


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  • Well... no. How can you do it anyway?

    But once I stalked one girl here with purpose, she wasn't anonymous.

    She got deep cleavage profile pic and more sleazy answers than erotic literature, and over all that on her profile page text like "I don't want any guys to message me hey sexy, nice boobs, etc. etc."

    I HAD to stalk her, damn! :D for my own amusement, and to teach her a lesson how to behave!

    But I'm not a stalker, nor real life, nor on the net! I've no problems to be normal when expressing an interest to girls!

    • "to teach her a lesson"

      Guys like you give rapists a bad name.

    • Oh sorry I posted offensive material, you must be a Saint, ain't that right? Let's call you St.Belgie!

      I'm sure as a Saint you want to look over everything and everyone, but despite of your views I believe that people should take responsibility of their actions, especially if they have a free will!

      If a girl doesn't wanna be harassed, then she have to use some f***ing common sense!

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  • There's one anonymous user who sounded so intriguing I kept begging her for a picture.

    Ultimately she refused and I said that she still sounds hot and wished her the best.

    Oh wait. Admitting this might get me in trouble by the admin.

    Never mind.

    Ignore what I said.

  • ;) I see you lol


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  • if you pay close enough attention at the question and how its worded than sometimes you can tell whos writing it. I went anon several times and people who know me really well on this site knew it was me lol

    • Oh,but how do you know that they know it was you?

    • they replied with " I know who wrote this" then when I logged on their like "hey I seen your question" lol

  • I don't have time for that.

  • Lol. nah

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